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Slug barrels- rifled or smooth-make any difference?


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Depends on hwo serious you are. There is a whole range of possibilities:

- add a rifled choke to a modern screw-in choke barrel

- use slugs made for smooth barrels

- buy a slug barrel

- buy an actual gun made speciailly for slugs (The Savage bolt-action and single-shots by H&R and T/C seem to have high praises for extended range shooting.)

- Get you a 'Hollywood' gun where every shot brings down something even if you do not aim or properly hold the gun (I'm still looking for one of those myself.)

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Yup. The salient question is, "How far away are the deer?" For 75 yards, a smoothbore works "minute of pie plate". Much beyond that, ya want a "real" rifled slug barrel and slugs meant for em. A fellow who recently bought a savage bolt action slug gun reported 2.5" groups at 100 yards using Brenneke slugs.

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Heard somewhere that rifling doesn't make any diiference?

Depends on what type of slug one shoots in which barrel: smooth or rifled bore

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