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Painted me-self into a corner, I did.........

Knarley Bob

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Got my heart set on a pair of Cimarron Richards Type II "Transition Models". Took inventory of the gun safe, and headed to the dealer. When all was said and done, got a pair of pistols and a "Spencer" rifle comming. That's the good news.

The bad news is I traded my main match pistols in to make the deal. OH DEAR what to do?? :unsure:


HA!!!! I guess I'll be shootin' a pair of "Walkers" this summer, gonna have the forearms of Tarzan!!!!! Will be shootin' a pair of 1860 "Colt" C&Bs for the State shoot anyways.


I love when a plan comes together. Gonna start on the holsters for my "Walkers" tonight :D



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The thought of a shooting stick comes to mind, something to help you hold that 5 1/2 lb. pistol up when it's shooting time.Just sayin'


Big Jake

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