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I have a 5" 1911 which would in every respect qualify for use in the modern category.


The grip has been cbob'd. As you all probably know, this is more commonly done on 4.25"/Commander 1911's. Does nothing to improve grip - simply done to enable ease of carry for concealed carry as it chops off that protruding corner of the grip frame.


The question is whether the cbob grip on a 5" 1911 disqualifies its use in the modern category?


I didn't see anything in the rules that precludes my being able to use it.

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Full size single stack steel frame 1911 style semi-auto pistol in .45 ACP caliber.


Based on that I would say no.

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The Wild Bunch Committee met at Winter Range and one of the agenda items was whether the "bobtailed" 1911 grip frames first introduced by Ed Brown were going to be allowed. They are currently illegal and there is NO movement to make them legal. Reshaping the grip frame from the original 1911 design in any manner is an illegal external modification and will remain so.

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