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1873, 1892, or Cowboy Marlin?

Aunt Jen

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I cheated. Got a couple Spur Marlins which I like better than the 73,66 or 92.




I've had them all.

My 92 was really smooth from wear, but began to chronically stove pipe.

My 66 was ok, but didn't handle BP well no matter what I did.

Other 66 I had just wasn't a good rifle to start with.

My 73 was good til it developed timing problems. Action/short stroke fixed that, but soft metal parts/screws strip and break. Seems to be a recurring issue. Kinda like an old Ford truck. Gonna have to work on it from time to time.

I am back to Marlins it seems. Rock solid, smooth, dependable, FAST. I have found what serves me best.

The Spur Marlin to me bests all rifles. I do believe I will ditch the 73 I have had to somehow, some way get a Spur rifle or Widowmatic.

My Marlin Cowboy 44-40 was worked over by Cash Caldwell. Second slickest rifle to any I have shot except the Spur Marlin of McKenzie's. You can thump the lever with your finger and it will open. I'm noticeably smoother, more fluid, more consistent with it as opposed to my short stroked 73.

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We used to have 2 Marlin carbines in .357. Both liked rounds of 1.5" and would easily swallow 125, 130, 147 & 158 gr bullets. I've been shooting 73s for 8-9 yrs and I like them alot. Mama got an AWA Lightning at teh first SASS convention and sold her Marlin. Out of the 3 choices, the 73 wins. However at around $1,500 or so, not everyone can afford a new race ready, short-stroked 73 by a quality smith.

I always liked the look of the movie/tv guns and got a 92 carbine in .45 a couple of years ago. Got NKJ dvd & spring and slicked that one up. It's a fun shooter, but I feel a bit cramped after shooting a 73. Found a brass 92 rifle (also in .45)and worked it over and the LOP and fit of the gun is much better. This gun does not hamper my times, it's my pistol & shotgun times that hold me back. Maybe it's the novelty, but it is fun to shoot.

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Guest diablo slim shootist

73& 66



in that order is what I use to think :unsure:

But I went to the gun show yesterday and picked up

a 92 in 454 casull and it was way smoother than any

new marlin ...thats a shame ..I love my 2 Old Marlins :blush:

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My response is a bit different.


The gun that fits is the gun for the young man. Fit is that he can pick it up, shoulder it naturally which gives him the correct check weld and sight picture without effort.

That's the gun that he will prefer. Just MHO tho....

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