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Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

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Yup, tis jus around tha corner. I know all u folks on the east coast are lookin fowert tu heddin south. And of course us northerners ar reddy tu hed thit way tu!!


Iffn ya taint signed up, maybe thar ar sum openings.


Cheyenne :lol:

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Can't wait. Leaving town one week from Tuesday. We just dodged that weekend snow storm, hit south of us, hit north of us, managed to leave us just a dusting. Good thing too, 'cause I've got a little PM to do on the old Truck before I hit the road, hard to do in a foot of snow, not impossible mind you (Don't Ask Me How I Know :lol: ), just not pleasant. Made ammo for Lil Feathers last night, got another batch to run for the rest of us then we will be ready to go.


Heard any news on the Posse Assignments yet? I think this is the first time they have had AM & PM Posse's, at least since 2006. Just kind of curious.


Dogmeat (8 Days & Counting) Dad

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This will be my First Last Stand. I thought it was a local anual but I am hearing about people coming from all over. Does this mean I will get the chance to see World Champion shooters and pick their brains alittle. I am so new to the sport i cant imagine doing to well. Its a shame I would have liked the chance to make a name for myself other than the guy that shot last place lol

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Mad Max Henry,


There will certainly be a few true Top Guns (I'm not one of them!) at Last Stand. It is not only the annual match for this club, it is the Florida State Championship. Some of us from the northlands, like to come down for the warm weather, last year being the exception (I Hope!), and see some old friends.


I remember my first Big Shoot, about 6 years ago and I will give you the following bit of advice. Feel free to use or ignore it as you see fit.


1. Try to shoot later in the posse line up, maybe 2/3rds of the way down the list.

2. Watch what the other shooters are doing and listen to what they have to say.

3. Ask questions if you don't understand something, just not at the loading table while people are preping to shoot.

4. Take Your Time! This is really hard to do when that buzzer goes off, but the extra 0.5 seconds to aim beats a 5.0 seconds penatly for a miss.

5. If you forget what what to do in the middle of a stage, ask the Timer Operator, they will try to help you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know the sequence.

5. Relax and Have Fun! Don't worry about your times, just be safe and have a good time.


Dogmeat (Securely Established In The Top Of The Bottom Third) Dad

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