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Before I was in a club, I reached out to find a TG to take my vote. That was several years back, about when the little rule books disappeared...



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Our TG here in Central Ozarks Western Shooters is always available to the club members.

He's played the game, a kinpin in putting on monthly matches and his dedication makes our club fun.

He communicates issues, upcoming rule changes and results by face to face meetings, email and his articles in our monthly


Fingers (show me MO smoke) Magee is an example of what a TG should be.

Coyote Kid

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RRBar Regulators.


TG brings up items at monthly match safety meeting if something has come up.

-- gives report at every monthly club meeting.

-- goes through all agenda items at monthly meetings as they become available.

-- has all agenda items (voting and discussion) put on web site for all to see.

-- has e-mail voting form put on web site just before going to the annual TG Meeting for those who don't make it to the monthly meetings.

-- takes results of member voting to TG meeting and votes according to tally.

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At the club I'm a member of, the owner of the Range and Ranch has named himself TG, So our contact is spotty, we as board members have took the resposibility to get the word out to members, and the reason we do that so we can be involved in the process of SASS, we took a vote as a club and hopefully sent a proxy vote but don't know for sure.



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