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  1. Wow, fantastic info as usual, thanks!! I love the photos of your guns you put in your posts, I learn a lot from these. Based on your suggestion I might go with CZ Sharp Tail 28" tuned by long hunter
  2. Wow @Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283 those are incredible, thanks for sharing those... I wish there were more places to buy guns in person where I live. Thanks for the inspiration
  3. Thanks for explaining, that makes sense. What is "30 sa"? Single action?
  4. Oh awsome, thanks Long Hunter. I was actually going to order it from you... I just didn't want to bug you with too many questions. What do you mean 25 vs 24s? Also, were you using the 20" or the 28" barrel?
  5. I was leaning towards buying a CZ Sharp-Tail for CAS. Considering cowboy shooting is only once per month in my area, I also want to use the shotgun other times. The only range that supports shotguns is a trap/skeet range, which I'd like to bring it to. I do not know much trap/skeet or shotguns (still in the research stage of that at the moment). I'm wondering though if this shotgun would work for that too. If it doesn't, I basically will just never get to shoot it hardly ever.
  6. I would like to have the identical grips in black... like this Cimarron attached. Can I buy custom grips anywhere? You'd think with the amount of cowboy shooters that want customization it would be a larger market, but I don't really see anything after quite a long time googling. There is one guy who seems to fit custom grips but his selection of grips is extremely limited. I also considered dying them black but I feel like that could be a disaster if I don't know what I'm doing (correct dye to use, etc)
  7. Patience isn't my strong suit, lol. Thank you - I will follow your advice and register over there.
  8. So is CZ/colt officially still making their 3rd gen or did they stop? The prices on their site seem reasonable @ 1700 but maybe that hasnt been made in years (like how Marlin stopped making the 94) When will the new colts start?
  9. Hey, thanks, I will check out the vendor area! I know how auctions and markets work, boosting was the wrong word. What I meant was prices can be inflated on certain platforms because the demand is higher there (for instance it's the one website about everyone knows about regardless of how long they have been shooting). For all the other lever guns I look at, they're always substantially higher on gunbroker than other websites. I can buy literally the same Henry big boy for $500 less by using gun.deals instead (for new guns anyway).
  10. Hey, I am looking at 2 Uberti SAA for cowboy shooting, but I also was interested in buying an actual 2nd or 3rd gen Colt SAA. I would also be open to a USFC SAA as well. I am somewhat new to lever guns/revolvers, and after looking at Gun Broker it seems there's just no chance of getting a Colt or USFC for less than like $3500. I see some for $2500 but something is always wrong with those. I was hoping to pay ~2K or just a little over. Question 1: Were prices always this high or did they shoot up because of pandemic? Do you think prices will ever go back down? Question 2: is there a better place to look to buy them then gunbroker? I suspect there may be a better site that isn't potentially boosting the price. Question 3: Ive read a number of threads on 2nd vs 3rd gen, but it's sometimes tiring looking at the MOST heated debates because it has been said so much that no one actually explains it in depth. What about a Gen 3 would make it "not a real colt" to some people? Did they start using cheaper parts or something?
  11. Sure. Pretty standard Uberti I think.
  12. About the color case hardening... I agree. I don't know what's involved but I know it must be hard based on the galleries of some of the companies I see (very yikes results). I do see 1-2 companies though that had good looking results. Overall I don't really need very flashy even.......... honestly making it look like the photo below would also be great to me, which looks like plain blued. Good point on the wood grain. Regarding wood polish/oil I know absolutely nothing about that. All I know is I'd like for it to look good, kind of like this:
  13. Hey, I have a slicked-up Uberti 1873 which physically is an amazing rifle, but the wood is quite ugly and plain, and looks like cheap plastic. The color case hardening is also very ugly and dull, pretty much like grey soup. I would like to send the gun off to get the stock re-finished like an actual Winchester, with a deep pretty oil-finished wood that doesn't look cheap, and with original color case hardening. EDIT: See the photo I posted in the next post for example of how I'd love for it to look (or close to it). The photo below may actually be blued instead of case-color. I'm OK with that too. The photo below is literally perfect. I know there's Turnbull, but I already have a gun sent to them and I don't want both my favorite guns to look exactly the same like a Turnbull. After calling around a few random places on Google... they don't inspire confidence on the phone, especially with very few (low quality) photos on their site. Who would be your go-to company or individual to recommend, if price weren't an issue? Thanks!
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