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  1. Never knew this was a Pommie, thing.....always thought us Aussie's had come up with it https://www.smh.com.au/traveller/inspiration/in-praise-of-britain-s-greatest-culinary-invention-the-chip-butty-20240123-p5ezhg.html
  2. Take me take me take me take me take me take me take me take me take me take me take me!!!!!
  3. Just to add even just mentioning Conscription is a huge thing as we currently have a Labour govt elected. This (Liberal Party) is confusing to many Americans but our two main parties are - Liberal Party = Right Wing Labour Party = Left Woke Wing
  4. One never knows though until it hits the fan. Australia's governments (same as the U.S & U.K) knew of Japan's expansionist dreams right through the 1930's there's a ton of documents, yet they were all so ill prepared.
  5. We all hope so Pat, but Xi is itching for Taiwan, the Muslim World is itching to hurt the Big Satan. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't some fully loaded B1 lancers refueling now for a flight over Iran.
  6. Australia must consider bringing back conscription as ‘all-out war’ with Russia looms https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/military/australia-must-consider-bringing-back-conscription-as-allout-war-with-russia-looms-expert-says/news-story/b1ced960b821027163b05b15ad47e5e6 There must be things behind the scenes happening for even hinting at bringing back subscription, seems the world is a powder keg. I'm sure that the U.S is going to have to hit Iran hard after the deaths yesterday of U.S serviceman. The fact the Australia is getting Nuclear subs from the U.S (Australian Navy personal are already in the U.S training on nuke subs) and is just the third nation after the U.S & U.K to have secured a stockpile of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles from the U.S, our increasing number of RAAF F-35a fighters and the increasing number U.S bases in North Australia.......the think tanks must be considering that something is imminent.
  7. I'll have to plan ahead and get suitably plastered on the 28th enough to sleep right through the 29th. Damn leap year!!!!
  8. They've got a bit of holster wear now in three years Eyesa and to me they look even better now mate.
  9. Very nice looking pistol, I do really like my TALO Ruger's -
  10. A 27-year-old engineer/farmer from Freeling, a small town in South Australia, about 60 km north of Adelaide, it neighbours the Barossa Valley wine region, has paid tribute to his country ahead of Australia Day with an incredible art piece carved into his family’s paddock
  11. You can see it more noticeably in MOA than Elvis, but it doesn't detract too much for me at least. The German fighters seemed to me to be flying past (nose on) way too fast, but I forgot the Fortress speed had to be added to the speed of BD109s & FW190s Incredible how they can use it to create that belly landing in Ep 1 Hard to comprehend the fear these airmen had to overcome, the bravery is just on another level.
  12. These were hugely popular in high school -
  13. Remember getting fuel and they cleaned your windshield, checked your tyres and oil?
  14. Just realised the lead actor is the same actor who played Elvis.
  15. Yes Alpo, and they just needed a Lyre bird sitting on the other sign.
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