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  1. You could always get yourself one of these -
  2. if you walked into a pub with the new brogans on you'd most definitely "Pretty schmick shoes there mate"! If you asked family do you like my new shoes, they'd say "Well now aren't you lookin' just schmick in them"! If you asked a mate "Like these" he'd most likely look down and say "Schmicko"!
  3. I bought mine here - https://usedguns.com.au/dealer-ads/?dealer=YnVzdGVyZ2lnZ3NAYmlncG9uZC5jb20=&id_=MzI2MzI3 That shoot that we met at Nowra was the first time I used it.....fun trying to shoot those cowboy clays with it (first time ever shooting at clays as well!)
  4. Only thing I would have liked on mine was a brass bead instead of the white plastic one.
  5. Its very common here, anybody get's dressed up to the nine going out and they ask "How do I look" most often the reply will be "Pretty shmick"! Could also be said as "Shmicko".
  6. Me too in both mine and my wifes '73.....hope no problems ever arise as they have made the rifles feel great.
  7. @Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L CR thanks for posting up that form
  8. @Rye Miles #13621 Rye just looked up your score results on your club website. I'm thinking that I might copy how you guys post your scores.
  9. The Chop Suey mouthpiece blames the US for the Ukraine '100 year war' https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202204/1259632.shtml
  10. That's our thoughts as well and what we've been doing.
  11. No we don't give 'anything away' we might shoot a club match each weekend (sometimes both days). Small club, bit hollow ie having 6 members turn up for a shoot and I post the scores out to the whole club as 6 first places. These matches are JUST for our club members. It might be different in the US but here members pay a yearly club fee, they get to use the range 365 days a year and all the facilities (just needs to be two members for safety reasons) at no cost. If we advertised a shoot and had visitors from other clubs, yes we would categorise and have small awards.
  12. Yeah yeah cool facts.....but ya' forgot....that also taste GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Just another question compadres, do you use a tablet or just paper score sheets for your club matches?
  14. We don't give out anything....I just email all the scores out.
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