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  1. Splits and dry fire par mentioned above work well if you are looking for something free to start with
  2. Oh I didn't mean to imply dangerous. Just based on the concensus, I just might not be happy with the performance. They actually did just fine though so all is good.
  3. I use TB and 5.5 gr with 200 gr bullet is the same formula I was given. I did about 500 loads of 5 gr TB for a shoot today. Based on the posts here it sounds like I'm not going to be happy about it lol
  4. I've been wondering the same. I think people are thinking things will go back to "normal" come November, but if the election goes a certain way, I don't see this drought ending anytime soon. I just keep buying supplies when I see them. I have a few friends who keep an eye out for me too. Primers are certainly the bottleneck.
  5. You ALWAYS NEED backups of backups. Any gun enthusiast know this! :-D seriously though, sorry for your luck on two crapping out at once! True story though, my first shoot ever, I had a guy who was loaning me some of his reloads to shoot. He had a high primer in one load that I didn't notice till I had rotated the cylinder too far and it got stuck. I actually have an extra set of pistols so I finished the match with those. My girlfriend had come to the match with me and I got to say "and this is why I have extra guns...". So much more affective when it actually applies to a real life event lol
  6. I was just commenting this morning that the biggest difference between my slicked up Uberti and my stock Miroku is that dang lever safety spring. If that were as nice as my Uberti's, it wouldn't be that bad. Still not as smooth as the Uberti though. It's so stiff you almost have to wrap your thumb around the stock to get the safety to reliably come off. Wrapping the thumb is a big no-no for optimal speed but I wouldn't know. I'm slower than molasses in winter time! Lol
  7. I am sure this topic has been discussed a bunch already but I thought I would start another. I'm thinking about picking up a Derringer. From my research, Bond seems to be a great choice. Specifically I'm looking at the Cowboy Defender model. Those of you with knowledge on Derringers for side matches, or just in general, is this a decent choice or should I get another model? I just want to shoot 45 lc with it. I'm looking for some other opinions to make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks in advance!
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