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  1. What do vegetarian zombies eat? Grains...
  2. The NYC State Attorney filed a lawsuit designed to destroy the NRA. So they declared bankruptcy, and are moving from NY to Texas.
  3. Absolutely! This pic was taken in my garage just to show the magnets. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. Yeah, I have bear paws too. I love the Army grip and the grip on my Schofield.
  5. Crossdraw doesn't work for me. Long arms but too many second helpings!
  6. Okay, my main match gun is a .45 Colt Schofield with a 7" barrel. Shoots and runs great [better than the shooter anyway], but I HATE holstering the long barreled beastie. No 5" ones available for trade, so I am considering having it cut down, Ala Wells Fargo, to 5". Has anyone else done this? Opinions, please!
  7. So who are your compatriots in this eye candy pic?
  8. When she died at 83, she had almost no gray hair at all. And NO beard or mustache!
  9. My beard is heavily gray, but I take after my Mom with almost no gray hair. Let's just say I am very high mileage...
  10. I guess making a tool box out of a car would actually make a Prius useful...
  11. You are lucky that you lost the Xray vision, you might have run across me and that would have scarred you for life!
  12. Some recycling centers will chew up old tires into rubber strips that can work well too.
  13. "oh, yes, they call him the Streak..."
  14. "If she looks young, she's old. If she looks old, she's young. If she looks back, follow her!" Bob Hope
  15. We moved to North Central Arkansas in December just in time for a good snow, but that was a rare occurrence. Beautiful folks, great SASS clubs, consider it.
  16. My wife married me because she likes sales She can't resist anything half off..
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