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  1. I'm making arrangements now to come to your shoot for the first time. Will be filling out the application on your website after I square away lodging. Looking forward to it!
  2. I use a 125 gr rnfp and have always just crimped into the groove. Didn't worry about o.a.l it always worked in my '73 no problem. Just checked the other day with calipers and it measures at 1.43. Rifle is an Uberti purchased through Taylor and Co with a factory action and short stroke. I can add pictures of the bullet if it would help.
  3. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/930945174 Quick check on gunbroker shows 1 '73 in 44 mag. Looks like a decent price. Disclaimer: not my posting and I have no affiliation with the seller. Just passing along what I found.
  4. Glad to have you guys join up! I've been in for about 5 years and I love more everyday. To answer you questions as best I can. 1. I use 125 round nose flat point bullets in both pistol and rifle, I'd recommend finding a profile that will feed reliably in your rifle and load it for both pistol and rifle. Also 125s will handle a knockdown better than 105s. 2. I use 4.75 rugers and love them, have also used the 5.5s and sold them. Slightly quicker draw, and you won't likely miss the extra barrel length at the distance we shoot at. 3. I have only shot the saa type never the bisley, but I have handled 1 or 2, didn't care for it personally. 4. Can't answer that off hand, maybe ask some fellow local shooters if they have extra or if they do work in leather, you never know. 5. Not personally but best of luck in locating your gear. I would also second the above opinions, go to your local club and see if the locals are willing to let you try a few things out. At best it will save some time and money, worst case they will say no. But it has been my experience that they will have no problem with letting you try.
  5. I'd recommend Lassiter here in Ohio if your pard doesn't mind shipping. He is among the best gunsmiths and does great work on the lightnings. I can pass his number along in a pm if interested.
  6. Didn't cost me as much but i kinda like the two tone look personally.
  7. Fellow shooter from ohio here, glad to have ya. If you ever make it down to the middletown, xenia, or piqua shoots it would be good to meet you. Like others have said you'll have plenty of help and advise. I've met some of the best people I know in this sport and I’ll never regret signing up. I've been in for about 5 years and just got the life membership last year. Well worth it in my opinion.
  8. I had one made by him and it's on its way to me now. Every job is liable to be different but mine was just a little north of 100. The knife sheath and ammo slide are not included in that amount
  9. I believe he is over at eot right now, call him later in the week or next week and he should be back.
  10. The major differences are that in the original post the hammer is back, action closed with a live round in chamber, in your example the hammer back, action open presumably and would have a live round on carrier. The other difference is one of intent, in your post shooter intended to place rifle where it landed and expedited its arrival, in the original post it specifically says dropped and given the circumstances mentioned i don't think he intended anything. Therefore with available info I'd have to fo with mdq. If I'm wrong please correct what I got wrong, I hate mdq's and would prefer not to have anyone get one without just cause.
  11. I'd agree, based on the rule book its a match disqualification.
  12. I shoot primarily traditional and I have slip hammered basically the entire time I've shot the sport. I will say that it took some time to get past some misses but I feel faster than when I started. How much of that being slip hammering vs just general improvement is hard to say. Either way practice is key. If you don't practice it you won't get better with it.
  13. Thats my home club and you are 100% correct. First time I shot black powder there I couldn't see any of my targets, after the first couple shots. It was a great experience, lots of fun.
  14. Lassiter is a great guy, I shoot with him on a regular basis. He actually has my Taurus Thunderbolt right now and I trust him to fix it right.
  15. Here's my newest set of vaqueros, 44 wcf. Going for a doc look. Grips are hogues faux pearls.
  16. Three gun Jake was looking for a gun just like this, might want to message him.
  17. Great to see her working again, looking forward to this project.
  18. Jay Vendetta


    I agree that there would be both a miss and penalty in your scenario but that isn't the miss causing the penalty that is the shooter shooting out of order on the rest of the sweep.
  19. Jay Vendetta


    Would just be a miss right? Miss is a either hitting the wrong target type, like described here, or just flat out missing. And a miss can't cause a penalty.
  20. Tried my best lol. Happens to the best of us.
  21. Attached the photos as promised. Bullet is 200 grains. Second picture is an example of one of the reloads with the brass that used to give trouble. Ran it through the lightly modded Redding seating die then standard process from there.
  22. I'll take a couple pictures either tonight or tomorrow and post them here for you. One of the bullet im using and of the loaded rounds to give you an idea of where I'm at currently.
  23. The die i was referring to is the depriming and sizing die. No crimping operation in play. Removing material and allowing it to move lower changed the shoulder back some, in this case enough to solve the seating issue.
  24. One last bump to the top for any who missed it before. Price is still 550 and ill cover shipping.
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