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  1. Thanks everyone. Lots of material to look through (and filter!).
  2. I saw somewhere a list of sweeps. I'm writing some stages and a list like that would be helpful. Does anyone know of or have a list they could PM to me, or even better a link to a list so others can also use it?
  3. Yes, I did state my opinion rather strongly but with the intent of hoping some of us using something other than DIllon would chime in. No malice or Dillon-denial intended whatsoever. I agree Dillon is good stuff. If I had more resources available I might have gone with them. For me, the Hornady solution across multiple calibers was cheaper so I went with them. Peace, fellow cowboys and cowgirls!
  4. I'm surprised how much Dillon religion there is among us! Before you buy anything, watch this video. It is the most complete review I've seen of all the significant presses. It's an hour and 20 minute survey that covers 12 different brands and list the pros and cons of each. You will find the Hornady LNL AP press ranks at the top with advantages over the Dillon. Hornady has absolutely the best customer service of any company of any product I've ever worked with. Their life time guarantee is the best of any including Dillon because it covers all their presses even their top line press unlike Dillon. And there are plenty of specialty reloaders using the Hornady in a commercial environment. They also have a lower cost per caliber to change calibers than Dillon. I'm sure that will draw some response, but before you disagree, check out the video. Anyways, I thought this tread was getting kind of monotonous (Dillon, Dillon, Dillon...) so I thought I'd start some excitement!
  5. I’ve been using sport pistol for 3 years with no problems whatsoever. It’s formulated especially for coated lead bullets.
  6. I purchased a pair of Uberti 1858’s before I came across Driftwood’s posts about the missing collar. I have experienced the cylinders locking up partway through a match. Here is an idea as crazy as it might seem. The lockup problem is due to the missing collar. So what if you were to expand the cylinder pin hole on the front of the cylinder and at the front of the cylinder opening in the frame as shown by the yellow circles in the two photos. Make the expansion about 3/8” deep. Then press a 3/4” length of steel tube into the cylinder pin hole with an Inner diameter that allows the cylinder to spin properly. Now when the cylinder is inserted into the frame the cylinder now has a collar to help keep the pin clean. You would also need to mill the side of the frame by 3/8" to allow the modified cylinder to be inserted. What do you think?
  7. You don't use steel pins in a tumbler. The ultrasonic energy is supposed to take their place, but its the pins that do the real tough cleaning. I used an ultrasonic cleaner and never ended up with shinny brass. The inside of the cases never looked really clean. I purchased Frankford Arsenal's tumbler, use steel pins and some cleaner and now my brass is shinny and clean through out.
  8. Marshall, This may be a dumb question, but does the "waxy residue" act as sufficient lubricant for rifle cases going through a sizing die and powder through expander die?
  9. Driftwood, Your posts are always an education. Keep them coming!
  10. Sedalia Dave, thanks for the input. I checked out the 1050 and took a deep breath - $2400 plus options to load .40SW, .38 spc and .357 mag, my main shooting calibers And that's before the cost of the automation components! Now I know the price of the low risk path but it's way over my budget. From what I've seen so far, just the cost of the 1050 will buy all the automation components I need for the Hornady approach. My next step will be deeper investigation of automation components. Thanks everyone for you input.
  11. I just found this link to the above video's designer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224836005092?hash=item3459452ce4:g:C38AAOSwAs5iBv~r An advantage to this approach is that while it is necessary to deal with autoloading the components like the primers, bullets, and cases, you have the flexibility to choose what works best for you. For example, Mr. Bullet Feeder, the Australian 3-D printed case feeder, and whatever primer solution you chose. MMG
  12. Thanks everyone for the input. However one thing missing is any support for the statements made. Sorry but I'm a engineer... The only supporting information is in favor of Hornady. The video shows it can be done. I have never heard anyone state WHY a Dillon is better than a Hornady. I never tried a Dillon, but my Hornady works rock solid. I'd like to hear why someone switched from Hornady to Dillon other than someone said something. I don't mean this in a harsh way, it's just that I've never heard an objective statement, just opinions. And unless I heard a good reason, I don't think incurring all the expenses of setting up a new manufacturer's press can be justified. Again, not striking back, just trying to not spend limited money that in the end may not advance me any further toward my goal. MMG
  13. Interesting idea! Maybe bike pedal and chain? Make bullets and drop pounds at the same time!
  14. Does anyone have any experience using the automated Hornady case feeder by Unique Parts Australia? Thanks!
  15. After 40 years of swimming and two rotator cuff repairs, reloading sessions are starting to trigger shoulder issues. I’m thinking about automating my Hornady LnL AP press, particularly motorizing press operation and eliminating the lever. Pulling the lever hundreds of time is the direct cause of shoulder pain but then there’s case, primer and bullet feeding. For bullet feeding I’m using a Mr. Bullet Feeder with a Bully Mag from www.SoCalSW.com and that works real good. I’m manually loading cases. What experience is out there automating Hornady press operation? Any good solutions that won’t break the bank?
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