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  1. I’m also wondering if the Chiapas 56/50 breach will work?
  2. I just picked up an original Spencer carbine and I need a centerfire upper breach block. I believe the production ones are out of production with no known time to return so I am looking to see if anyone has one that is surplus to requirements. Could also use a magazine follower tube as well but the breach block is more urgent for me.
  3. Sorry, there is no ejector rod housing.
  4. Thanks Cholla, this is a case of needing funds to pay for a Spencer rifle I just picked up on FB :-)
  5. I just checked. The serial number is in 147000 range, putting it at 1903. I have a C&R license if you want to go that route?
  6. Gunsmith special colt 1877 DA38 with, I believe, most of the missing parts. These revolvers have been quite maligned but, done right, are a strong gun. Unfortunately I just bit off more than I can chew with my very limited gunsmithing skills. Gun definitely looks like it’s been re-nickeled. looking for $400. I need to check serial number to see if this is antique or not.
  7. I have a few early rimfire cartridges but none have any markings. If you know the dimensions, I could check for you?
  8. Sending pics here as I couldnt see how to attach them to PM
  9. I have a Pietta Hartford 7in barrel. Can send pics if you're interested?
  10. Does anyone know who manufactured the Franklin Mint Buffalo Cody 1873 rifle? has anyone ever put a ‘real’ barrel on it or is the rest of the rifle not up to it?
  11. No saddle shop but there is an old-fashioned shoe repair shop which might do the stretching for me or have a can of "Shoe Stretch".
  12. These are roughout/suede leather so I am a little hesitant about putting a bag of water inside them. Would a bag of beans or similar work?
  13. I bought some used boots online and they need the toe box widening a little. Does anyone have a boot stretcher I can buy or borrow?
  14. The re-enactment group that I am a member of is doing a B-western event on Nov 5. I am looking for a low-cost (probably will only wear once) B-western style shirt in L or XL. Let me know what you've got.
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