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  1. Is this lined or roughout inside? Will it fit an 1873 carbine?
  2. Any chance you can point out exactly where you are suggesting I round off? I would hate to mess this up.
  3. Here are some photos from my teardown yesterday. There does appear to be a bevel already cut into the frame.
  4. So what is APP? Are you talking about Pyrodex or something like that?
  5. I currently have Buffalo arms SOG lubed bullets but they have no crimp groove. May not be such an issue with a full load of powder (and filler) behind it? I was also looking at Desperado bullets.
  6. To clarify, I am looking to find a workable load for a, new to me, 1873. I want BP because of tradition. I have heard that the slight bottleneck of the cartridge helps keep most fouling to just the barrel? I am not familiar with APP? i am not fussed about a light load per se but would like to keep the smoke down a little bit to help me see the targets :-)
  7. I am looking at BP loads for 44-40. Do any of you use grease cookies and wads? I was planning on using greased bullets straight onto BP or maybe BP with some cream o’ wheat?
  8. There’s evidence that at least the side plate screws and mag tube screw have definitely been off before. The others, not so sure.
  9. I am assuming that since this rifle is dated 1977, the screws have been off before. We will see if my assumption is correct.
  10. I think I am going to go with the Slix Shot wrench which also takes standard 1/4" bits, giving me a bit more leverage if/when I need it. Plus it has a wrench for Stoeger firing pins, which could be useful as I have a Stoeger coach gun.
  11. Looks like a i need a special wrench for the mag tube?
  12. This is 44-40 loaded with Buffalo Arms soft lead billets which actually don’t have a crimp groove. I used a vintage Winchester loading tool. I have still to do a strip down and clean up. I have a can of Sure Shot so I appreciate that tip.
  13. Just made up 10 dummy rounds and the last to load doesn't fit straight into the carrier and so I can't eject it. I found I needed to push it further into the carrier, with another round for it to then sit straight. The 11th round was just used to push the 10th round further in. i did not load 11.
  14. Singin Sue, I appreciate what you say, I am just looking to familarise myself with the more common sweeps. There's already a lot going through my head as a new shooter as it is :-)
  15. I seem to be confused. At matches I see folks holding a revolver in their strong hand, with trigger pulled (at least from 2nd round on) and cocking the hammer with their offhand. I was looking at the rule book and it lists: Duelist: The revolver, hand, or shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem or when transferring the revolver from one hand to the other. Gunfighter: shooting with a revolver in each hand Neither of these describe what I see at matches. What am I missing here?
  16. Cockney Rebel


    Where do I find a description of all the various SASS target sweeps?
  17. Wow, that's a scary video. In my case the dummy round was in the carrier at an angle and would not straighten out. I had to push the next round back in the magazine to allow the crooked round to straighten up.
  18. OK. I am checking with him to see if any of his short stroke kits will work in older Uberti's. Is there a product number on your kit?
  19. The Pioneer Gun Works YouTube channel says that these only fit later Uberti's? I have just picked up a Navy Arms/Uberti 1977 1873 in 44-40. Any idea if it would fit?
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