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  1. I have a Wiley Clapp model that has been done over by Gemini Customs, and wears moose antler grip inserts from Patrick Grashorn. Its a dream to shoot, and has the smoothest trigger of any gun I own.
  2. I recently got the Wiley X P-17 with prescription lenses. I love them so far. I had to wear them as my normal glasses for a couple weeks after my regular ones broke and i waited to get them fixed. They were even comfortable for all day wear at home.
  3. I really don't think Biden will make it through his first week. The White House is a large building and in his cognitive state he will end up locking himself in a closet and starving trying to find his way out.
  4. My heelers, Dixie and Paladin, holding still for the briefest of moments.
  5. You can buy a whole season, or individual episodes on Amazon. That is how my wife and I have been watching it. We caught the previous seasons on sale and got the current one on pre-order for a discount before it came out. The new episodes come out about 5 am the morning after they air.
  6. I would like to add my vote for Asa Smith as well. He has really helped in me getting started in CAS/SASS and the Classic Cowboy category.
  7. It will pretty much just act as a big flash drive. Plug it in, it gets a drive letter assigned and you can access it.
  8. Years ago I had a job with a Mormon and a practicing Wiccan. They would debate religion and theology in the server room for hours. Neither would ever get upset or mad at the other. I got to be a part of some very interesting discussions, and I wish it was more common to see people with such opposing view being able to talk without conflict.
  9. If you right click and go to inspect element they included braille in the body if the page. lol
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