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  1. EAA has them in stock for $10 each. https://store.eaacorp.com/parts-request-form Order "Baikal: MP220 - Cocking Lever (#38)" You might want the pin also, as it can get a little beat up, they are $5 each. "Baikal: MP220 - Cocking Lever Pin (#39)". You can also cut them from metric stock. City Dude
  2. Bump with a question. Where do you buy the gun holders that go on the louvered panels? The panels look like my Akron Mills panels that I have. Thanks. City Dude
  3. Hey Sedailia, I'd be interested in anything gunsmithing related. City Dude
  4. Well, I was at the stove fixin supper, but I caught it on my phone and ran to the computer. Lucky find, thanks Buffalo W.
  5. I can't stand it any longer. I will take it and add in $50 to ship to 99654 is that is satisfactory. City Dude
  6. Hey Flaco, a single #1 and a #3 for me. City Dude
  7. I'll take the two 4's and a 6 in brown. So 3 shell holders.
  8. I only need a few, 50 to 100 would be great, or even 10 or 20 would be a start. I have a lot of .32 H&R components, but I want to build some .327's and try them in my Non-SASS Ruger LCR. City Dude
  9. Gary Reeder lists them for $295 blued or stainless. https://www.reedercustomguns.com/OServices.htm
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