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  1. Got them in today from Prickly Pear Peggy. I hate to use the word prefect, but I don't know how else to describe them. Well made, fit great and look beautiful. If you need gun sleeves for your cart, I can't imagine any better to get. Thanks again Peggy.
  2. I had what some folks call "quiet a few" guns but the only cowboy types I had were a Marlin 1894 in 44 mag, a Baikal shotgun and 6 or 8 Winchester 94s. I had never owned a single action pistol.
  3. I shoot B western and love his leather. The only thing I would suggest is having him put ruff side out on inside of belt so it won't slip. (He will),
  4. Try K and T. https://www.kandtguns.com/
  5. Where can you buy canvas or similar gun sleeves to keep dust off guns while on your gun cart?
  6. I have it and he made it exactly as I asked. Looks good and fits well. I have a holster rig and matching shot gun belt, Be prepared as it takes time.
  7. That statue was cast at Hoka Hey foundry just out side Dublin Texas. About 7 miles from my house. Beautiful work.
  8. BIG John Wayne fan. Most of his names were taken. He played Stony Brook 8 times in the Three Mesquiteer Series, but that was taken. He was Hondo Lane and just Lane in the Train Robbers. Stony Lane made sense.
  9. Model 1895 7mm Mauser. Montgomery Ward. $19.95 I still have it and every other gun I have ever had. My really bad habit, I can't get rid of one.
  10. Thanks to everyone. I think since I have had good luck with the RNFP in 200gr in the past I will first try the lighter bullets in that shape. If the work I will save some money by buying only what works. If they don't then I can get the lighter bullets in the TC shape and try them. Thanks again all.
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