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  1. Heck, The brass (both boxes) arrived. Thanks a lot. Stony
  2. Stony Lane

    Big Drink

  3. Heck have you gotten both checks? I sent them a day apart. Stony
  4. Stony Lane


    I have only been shooting cowboy for about two years but I have been reloading for well over 50. I don't think i have ever used anything but CCI. Don't know why but they have never failed me so I just stick with them. Since the lock down I have loaded about 12,000 rounds of Cowboy and still at it. May have enough to last me but I finally got my 35 year old son started so i will keep loading.
  5. No sir. I have the old models and all that I can find available are the new style. Was questioning what is there expected life and can they be fixed. Especially if they could be converted to something similar to my others.
  6. Very much agree. I love my old Cimarron Mod Ps but can find another.
  7. Heck check for 357 went in mail yesterday and one for 44 mag today. Thanks Stony
  8. OK I am going to assume shipping is the same. will get in mail today.
  9. Heck I will take the 1000 44 magnums. If you are satisfied that is all you are going to have I will send another check today. If you are still looking and think you may have more I can wait a day or two. Your call.
  10. Heck, If you come across some 44 mags I will take up to 2000 or what every will go in the $15.05 shipping box. I would like to have at least 1000 to keep the shipping down, but let me know what you come up with.
  11. Got any idea what you will want for 44 mag if you have any
  12. That will be just fine. I have letter & check ready to go.
  13. Dear Stony How much . I have boxes to look threw yet. Heck What are you going to have to have for it
  14. By the way Heck, you got any 44 mag brass
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