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  1. Still availible. I have it modified for muzzles up.
  2. The Ranch was in probate years ago and closed. Was a great place to shoot.
  3. Do-All Gun Buggy. Nice condition. Added pistol holders. $75.00 Pick Up in Fredericksburg, Texas. Can not ship. Mike Klozures@yahoo.com
  4. Hey Sky, if still up for grabsĀ  contact me I'm the Houston/Galveston area

    thanks, Jim

    1. Skyfall


      I will be in Houston for a few days this week. Please call me at 512-591-1111

  5. Looking forward to it and seeing ya Jim. It has been to long! The new place is looking pretty darn good! Lots of fun this Saturday
  6. I have both a Marlin 1894 16" and a Cody-Matic 1873 20". The 20" is my main rifle. Seems like recoil is much less in the heavier rifle and being heavier, it seems to handle better. With that being said, I would love to shoot one of the new Uberti 18".
  7. I got into CASS a little over 2 years ago and started from scratch. Fortunately i had some good guidance. I started out with: 1) SASS Vaqueros is 357/38 (4.62 inch barrels) 2) Cody Conagher 73 357/38 3) Marlin 94 357/38 (back up) 5) Stoerger Coach 12 guage 6) Leather (holster/shot gun belt) 7) Collapsible gun cart Although all the equipment is very important, I would not go cheap on leather. High quality and personally tailored to fit you is what I reccomend. All of my guns were worked over from the get go which I think is a wise investment. Although I have ne
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