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  1. Giving my opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong , not arguing with you guys, just saying. Geeze. I know jeans are legal, I just am saying what I like and miss. If that’s wrong then so be it. I’ll stay off of here. Good grief.
  2. Wow, this is great. I miss all the fun cowboy shooting used to be. Montana,Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado,Utah ,Nebraska, Kansas( not leaving other states out, just my experiences) still have all the movement and the funny things going on. And everyone still takes dressing like 1800’s in as part of it. When you go to a match and people wear jeans, tennis shoes and a Henley or wear a pair of chaps and a regular shirt it just takes away from what it started out as, playing cowboy and dressing the part. Lots more laughing and having fun. Everyone going out after and making a day of it. I still love it but miss the old times.
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