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  1. Taps are on dancer's shoes. We called them cleats!
  2. Bomb shelters. Cleats on your shoes cruising the drive in roller skating rinks pocket radios. ( that didn't work for crap!)
  3. Not really.. they both seem equally comfortable to shoot.
  4. I have both and can't decide which I like best.
  5. Yes it is, but don't bother saluting, I'll be there all day!
  6. I took an old model vaquero stock hammer spring and cut to the length of the wrangler spring. Took it out and fired fifty rounds of cheap ammo. I had one FTF. I turned it and it fired. Bad spot in the priming material? Possibly. I'll test more. By the way, it really helped in the cocking department.
  7. I had a .22 mag derringer missing for a year. I found it when I cleaned out my boat for storage this fall. Luckily it's stainless! Lol
  8. Be a gentleman. Hear them out before you shoot them. At least two of them won't be grinning over our bodies!
  9. Got one when I was about six. Never been that close to the ground that often before or since! Lol
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