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  1. The TTN is the plain looking, overweight sister in law that does everything perfectly.
  2. One of the few benefits of getting older is the wisdom to enjoy each good moment. Cowboy shooting friends provide many of them. Thanks for the post, Bubba. See you this weekend.
  3. Hey Bubba. Shouldn't you be working? You have a lot of us retired friends to support! see u at the match!
  4. Not nearly as hard is it sounds. After the first time, it will be routine.
  5. When I was a kid, they had a monthly rodeo and horse show near us. We showed horses there. They played that album on the PA system so much that I knew every single word of every song. Still some of my favorites.
  6. Happy Easter to everyone.
  7. Heck no! Variety is the spice of life!
  8. He did great for his first match! I always love to see new shooters. Now we have to teach him to pick on Howes.
  9. He's there for contrast! . Good job to both. There is absolutely no one more enthusiastic about this game than Seamus!
  10. You guys are going to cost me money! oh well, that's what it's for. See you Saturday.
  11. That's a relief. I thought maybe I missed out on something you did last year! Lol We are all signed up and looking forward to it, especially the 80 degree weather! Way to think of the details, Mark!
  12. Watched it last night. It was pretty good. The cars and guns were cool
  13. Safe to leave the unloading table when all guns are cleared. If the dropped gun was cleared, no call.
  14. Notice how he hasn't told us what he did do!
  15. I forget to fill my shotgun belt at least twice a year. Kind of a tradition by now. Lol. I love the calm look on your face.
  16. The fact that Tusco is one of the best cowboy clubs around is no accident!
  17. 1968 in Laramie Wyoming. A model 62A Winchester pump .22. Still have it.
  18. Another great day of shooting and fun with a great bunch of "not right in the head " friends! it was a little chilly, but great fun.
  19. Tru dat! I could just get fired, you could get hurt!
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