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  1. I haven't heard anyone mention that shooter's handbook. It's always great, but this year's was spectacular!
  2. You guys stop picking on Howes! He's sensitive, you know.
  3. The process that bothers me the most is switching back and forth between primer sizes.
  4. Now everyone will know who's "leaving the scene "!
  5. Won't hurt a thing. Ethanol is only added because the government said it was a good idea.
  6. We fared better than the coyote too, but it was touch and go for a couple of seconds!
  7. Try hitting a coyote on a motorcycle sometime! Just be thankful that they don't fly!luckily, the coyote lost.
  8. One of the alleged benefits of moly coating is that it (seasons) the barrel. You may not benefit by trying to clean it out completely.
  9. Sounds like fun to me. I like to shoot josey wales once in a while. It's all for fun anyway. As long as it doesn't include that irritating kid whining about doing the dishes, and yelling "Pa, Pa" all the time! Lol
  10. When I was young, my favorite uncle was a forest ranger in Wyoming. He got me hooked on peanut butter, balogna and cheese.
  11. Laramie


    Possibly 30
  12. This was our first time for this shoot, but it won't be our last! We had a great time with old friends and got to meet some new ones. Thanks!
  13. Keep an eye on the road! Don't run over me and Howes! See ya tomorrow!
  14. Another good shooting day with great friends. It was maybe a little toasty., but a good day nonetheless.
  15. Bubba, please tell Seamus he has to wear pants under his chaps!
  16. Thanks, Howes! I never did believe all the bad things they said about you!
  17. First time for this shoot. Looking forward to it. Seamus says it's a good one, and he wouldn't lie! Lol. I can't find anything listed for what is planned for side matches.
  18. Great fun! Sorry that I had to leave early! I really think that birthday parties on shooting day should be outlawed!
  19. Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave! I'm your huckleberry! Say when!
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