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  1. Hear that Howes? Bubba said dressing is optional!
  2. Be prepared to be shorted, Bubba, Howes can no way count that many nickels!
  3. My solution was to purchase enough primer tubes to load twelve hundred primers at a time. I can load them while watching something worthwhile on television. Oh, wait. Other than an old western, that doesn't exist! Laramie
  4. Been doing it for fifty years, but I still can't make myself like reloading. Lol. Cleaning guns leaves me a little cold too. Laramie.
  5. Hi, Charlie. I have three or four hundred pieces of brass. If you want the let me know and I'll bring the to the next match Laramie Leadslinger
  6. Praying for the family. That's very sad news.
  7. Wow! This is inspired! A whole new hobby for me. Thanks Mo. hope to see you soon.
  8. This is terrible! I have to shoot something! Lol
  9. I just got word that they've cancelled the national matches at camp perry this summer. I've been shooting them for probably 25 years with friends and two grandsons. Bummer!
  10. Brings back a lot of good memories of my kids and grandkids! Thanks, Seamus!
  11. He didn't have to. He just made whiny Chester do it for him!
  12. When we finally get to shoot together again, that will be a BLAST to watch! good job.
  13. So, was Chester there or did he have a nasty hangnail?
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