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  1. I'd send you some but the darned thing is so heavy I can't afford to mail it.
  2. I make a really good fruit cake but nobody will eat it any more, so why bother?
  3. That was our plan, but then we went to some of those great shoots. Now they're on our established route & our calendar's about full. I STILL want to get back to Appalachian Showdown.
  4. Smart move. I'd been married to Petey for a lot of years before he learned I knew how to clean fish. I've found that, once you demonstrate proficiency, the job is yours henceforth. That is why cats are smarter than dogs. Except border collies.
  5. I'm from South Carolina. I make a half gallon of sweet tea every day. I was weaned on it, but now use non-sugar sweeteners (no aspartame). Coffee black. As previously stated, will put Scotch in coke but will not f/u a good cup of coffee.
  6. Temp is probably the ONLY thing Petey & I agree on.
  7. Yes, you should. There is a motel 10 min from the range & it fills up quick. Petey & I bought a l'il tin can a year ago & stay on the range.
  8. 21-24 Joo-lie. Hotter than hell's hinges but sooooooooooo worth it.
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