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  1. Rank points is hopefully dead. You can shoot fast with lots of misses and still win. Total time is more on the shooter, Misses and P's will kill a match. Since it's a shooting competition with timers it should be about the shooter accuracy and speed NOT about speed only. TT makes it more fair for everyone. I also like a lot of real butter and lightly salted.
  2. I may have what your looking for. I have a R92 24' octagon in very good condition. It has a lever wrap and Butt cover and very smooth. I'd like $500 and will be at EOT if interested. I can send pictures if interested

    1. Stopsign32v


      I'd love to see some pictures. Can you text them to me 8642163702 or email them to me KStover8442@yahoo.com

    2. Two Timer

      Two Timer

      Sent an email. Please let me know if you need more. There are no scratches, Looks like new. I was told from the guy I got it from in a trade it had some action work. 

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