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  1. Lottie, I have two pair of wood, checkered GF original Bisley Vaquero grips if you are still looking.... Sold the guns but kept the GF grips.


    Rootin Tootin

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    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Thank you...…….  I will box them up and get them ready...…Just text me when you send the Gold...…..RT

    3. Lottie Deniro

      Lottie Deniro

      Here is picture of the money order that is going out today!


      Lottie Dinero


    4. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Great.  Grips are boxed up as well and will go priority mail on Friday...…..Thanks and enjoy.. 


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