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  1. If you want to have some fun with FB, tell them there has been more crime committed with computers than there has ever been with guns, then wait for their heads to start smoking and explode.
  2. When the boys come over to my saloon to play poker, I tell them to leave your money home and just bring primers and ammo.
  3. This is the craziest planet I have ever live on.
  4. Hi Lottie,  are ya going to True Grit?

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    2. Major General Shagnasty

      Major General Shagnasty

      I was able to buy out a local gun store of all their CCI 10 and 11 caps, 2000 in all,  how is your supply of caps?

    3. Lottie Deniro

      Lottie Deniro

      Yes, it is fun!

      I have shot it once down in Utah last month. It was definitely different! Coastal has some b.p. stuff on clearance if you ever get in there in Roseburg. Just saying I have picked up stuff in Albany and Klamath Falls at some kickass prices!

    4. Major General Shagnasty

      Major General Shagnasty

      I will have to check them out, I was in there a few months ago and there shelves looked like old mother Hubbords cupbourds.

  5. Yes, please do, the length of pull is a bit long for me on those longer rifles, but if the price is right I can cut the stock to fit me. My budget is 550. to 650. just so ya know. Thanks M.G. Shagnasty
  6. Hi cowboys, I am looking for a Rossi 92 carbine in .45 cal. blue or stainless won't matter. The prices on Gun Broker scare the hell out of me, so be real. Thanks M.G. Shagnasty
  7. Hi Johnny, welcome and good luck with the AWA, I and still fighting with mine and have yet to shoot a full stage with it. I have been to 3 matches with it and I get a lot of interest in it, but have not finished a stage with it. I am using 4.8 gr. of Tite Group and 225 gr. bullet set to 1.55. I have had a few stove pipes, but the bad thing is it won't go bang after the 2 or 3rd shot. Good luck with it!!
  8. That is a great offer, I take my hat off to you. This is what makes me proud to be a cowboy.
  9. I will take #20 Lee priming tool. Send PM for payment. Thanks M.G.Shagnasty.
  10. I get those call also and when I have the time I will play with them a while. When the call gets transfered to a person and they ask me about my car and what is it, I tell her it's a 47 Henway. After a few dead air moments she will come back and say I don't see it, what's a Henway? I say about 4 pounds , then good bye. M.G.Shagnasty
  11. I would be willing to trade you 6000 reloaded primers, small and large pistol, if you give me 4 years to get them finished.
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