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  1. Hi Lottie,   How did ya do at True Grit?

    1. Lottie Deniro

      Lottie Deniro

      It was fun! I think there were 60ish shooters and I was right in the middle! Wish you had been there! Hopefully next year we will be back in beautiful Roseburg!

    2. Major General Shagnasty

      Major General Shagnasty

      Good for you girl, you have come a long way in the last few years,  hell girl you kick my butt every match.  I will be glad to have True Grit back home. Good shootin!!!

  2. I have a friend with the name Edward Frankenstine, says he hates Halloween.
  3. If you sit and pour 3 fingers of your favorite libation and ponder, if they are real why are they here. So after the second 3 finger glass of spirits it came to me, in all the solar systems we can see with the Hubble it is clear there is only one planet that has something none of all the others have. No it's not pot, or Big Jake but we have so much of it we will never know any has been flown away. I tell you pards, this is the craziest planet I have ever lived on.
  4. Thanks, I have heard of that, but not sure the amount to remove, I do remember watching a video awhile back that the guy did just that, I will have to try to find lt.
  5. Hi pards, I have a new lever gun I bought on an impulse from watching Crossfire Trail to many times, I have lots of .45-70 brass to cut down to 1.89, but I need some reloading dies to finish the loading. I have a set on back order but hell who knows when that order will be filled. So any brand will work for me. Thanks guys. M.G. Shagnasty
  6. I will take #16 and #18 for 175.00 shipped. M.G.Shagnasty
  7. Looking for some .45-60 brass, 50 to 100 will be enough. Thanks M.G. Shagnasty
  8. The Ten Commandents, directed by Cecil B. Demille.
  9. If Winchesters name was Breakwin would his rifles be knick named fart cannons, asking for a friend.
  10. Why do we still say "floor boards" in cars and there is not a sliver of wood in them.
  11. I have had great success with a neoprime gasket material from Napa, I double up on the gasket with a nice film of ex-stream heat rtv on the sealing surfaces. The gasket you are looking for may not exist anymore, sounds like it was made from asbestos, we had lots of those in the 60;'s and 70's until they were band. Hope this helps.
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