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  1. I really like your suggestions - thank you. I’ll keep all this in mind if I ever go ahead with this. WBM
  2. It never dawned on me until after a few times of loading and unloading my car in front of the apartment where I live. Although you can’t see what’s inside the locked boxes anyone looking out their windows or walking by my car can see I’m loading something important. I also think about this if I’m loading musical instruments in my car. Anyway, you’ve got a point about keeping a low profile by not drawing attention to myself. Maybe not dress in full costume till I get there. WBM
  3. That may be fine for some people but I’d feel exactly the same way if I had to carry large sums of money. If I’m held up at a gas pump or at a roadside rest stop I could lose anything in my car or on my person. WBM
  4. It’s actually gotten better as there are now more CCW friendly counties here in PRC. But there are about five solidly liberal counties where the vast majority of voters elect sheriffs who reflect their feelings. If I lived just a few miles east or north this would be a lot easier. WBM
  5. I’m fine with law enforcement. It’s the risk of being robbed of several thousand dollars worth of fine weapons. That’s all, WBM
  6. Thanks - This exactly the kind of information I would need for a good cause statement, i.e., SASS enthusiasts have been victims of robbery when leaving events. I don’t know from your comment if that’s what you’re saying or that people leaving a range are at significant risk of being robbed. In any case this may be helpful. WBM
  7. You can do it online for Alameda CO. You have to have a very compelling good cause statement like you are being stalked or threatened, a business owner carrying large sums of money, a court official or judge. There are about five counties in CA where it is next to impossible to get a CCW. Alameda is one of them. Personally I feel uncomfortable carrying a car full of firearms and ammo. I wondered what other SASS member experiences have been and how they’ve dealt with it. Thanks again everyone. I appreciate your feedback. WBM
  8. Yeah, I kinda figured as much. Thanks, everyone for your feedback. WBM
  9. Alameda county. Out of 1.6 million only 150 permits have been issued. WBM
  10. You presume correctly. It’s not a matter of crossing state lines, just within CA. I already have a non-resident AZ CCW which of course is not valid here. I honestly don’t know if getting one here is possible even for CA SASS members. The sheriff of these counties can simply say, “Change your hobbies and your and forget about SASS.” WBM
  11. Yes, I understand about doing it lawfully. My question is more about what SASS people do. I’ve considered getting a CA CCW for this purpose. CA is a may issue state. Without getting into details you must have a good cause reason to obtain one. About 1.6 million people live in my county with only 150 CCW permits issued. Have SASS people in CA been able to obtain one for this purpose, in the LA or San Francisco areas? WBM
  12. This may or may not be appropriate but I’d like to ask this question: Do any members conceal carry when traveling to and from events? The reason I ask is because it makes me a little nervous traveling long distances to an event with a car full of weapons even if they are safely locked away. Maybe that’s just me and I’ll drop the subject if asked to. WBM
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