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  1. I did not realize until I read more posts. I did not know he let his FFL go. Too bad though I sure love my shotgun.
  2. I bought a Baikal from Johnny Meadows and it sometimes take a while for him to get back to you. I purchased mine about 6 months ago. Call him and talk directly. My Baikal is a double trigger. Love the gun!! He does a great job and is worth the effort to contact him.
  3. The best brands are Jarrow, gaia but even then all bets are off. I try to find out where the vitamins are manufactured. Anything from China I consider rat poison. Best bet is to call any 1-800 number on the bottle and ask questions. How they answer will tell a lot.
  4. How many of you test fire your weapons with only primers? It is the primers that contain lead styphnate. Shooting indoors with wax bullets is very hazardous due to the lead styphnate in those primers. Doing all the things suggested will also help but it is the primers and the smoke from it that is real bad. I still dry tumble my brass but cover the top with a towel and paper plate so dust will not escape. I also purchased an air filter from Grizzley so it runs while I tumble. Also adding car wax to the walnut media will also help keep dust down. Having said that when my lead levels hit 16 my internist became concerned. My wife is a pediatrician and went to the yearly meetings at Childrens Mercy. Well long story short she learned that many vitamins are not FDA regulated and lead was showing up in many brands. Well I was taking many different herbal supplements. Upon stopping these substances my lead level dropped to 6 and have not changed any of my loading habits. If your taking herbal supplements stop unless you are sure of its purity. Stay healthy all and keep on shootin!!!!
  5. Congrats to Missouri Lefty!! He is one hell of a nice guy. He shot at our Kansas State Championship and was not only a pleasure to talk to but fun to watch shoot.
  6. Fill your hands you SB's cause the one eyed fat man is on the loose. It's rootin tootin good shootin in the midwest!!! Oh and it gets the shoot back to the top!!!
  7. Back to the top!! This great shoot can't be sitting on page two because it is a page one shoot!!
  8. Say it aint so!! We are moving toward page three!! Now come on all you just have to try us out. Ask questions about shooting in the land of OZ!! Your gonna love it!!
  9. Now that all are parts are back from Land Run we can look forward to the great Prince of the Pistoleers shoot!! Not to far off so get those applications in and get ready for a great time.!!!
  10. By May 25th Major!! Looking forward to seeing you there!!
  11. That is right Parson seeing old friends and meeting new ones is the best part and shooting is icing on the cake!! SO COME ON OUT EVERYONE AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!
  12. Thats right Parson lets tandem and keep slapping this great shoot back to the top!! Again its a great warm up for all our pards out there getting ready for End of Trail.!! Have a great weekend all!!! Happy Easter!!
  13. Nooooo the Prince of the Pistoleers can't be on page 3 as it is way to much fun. Come on all try us out and get those applications in as June 6th will be here before ya know it!!
  14. Hey guys come on out and have some fun. In 2016 Missouri Lefty came out and warmed himself up winning our match overall as well as End Of Trail. Must have been all the fun and fast shooting that gave him the boost. Would love to have ya all as our guests for great friendship and shooting.
  15. Always a great time!! Come on every one sharpen your skills for EOT!! Fast shooting and friendly people!! Cant be beat!!!
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