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  1. Thats right Parson lets tandem and keep slapping this great shoot back to the top!! Again its a great warm up for all our pards out there getting ready for End of Trail.!! Have a great weekend all!!! Happy Easter!!
  2. Nooooo the Prince of the Pistoleers can't be on page 3 as it is way to much fun. Come on all try us out and get those applications in as June 6th will be here before ya know it!!
  3. Who cares what those guys think. They think they are bad dudes who dream of killing some one. We on the other hand dream of making more friends and having more laughs. Cowboy action shooting it the best friendliest game in town. I certainly hope they never try us out because we do not need bad attitudes in our ranks.
  4. Hey guys come on out and have some fun. In 2016 Missouri Lefty came out and warmed himself up winning our match overall as well as End Of Trail. Must have been all the fun and fast shooting that gave him the boost. Would love to have ya all as our guests for great friendship and shooting.
  5. Always a great time!! Come on every one sharpen your skills for EOT!! Fast shooting and friendly people!! Cant be beat!!!
  6. Their loss. Who cares what those guys think. Ya just don't meet any nicer people than cowboy action shooters. I hope attitudes like that never pollute our sport. In regards to decline in the sport I have to take issue with that. Our club, Powder Creek Cowboys have gained quite a few new shooters. We also have a shotgun park we rent our space from. People from the shotgun park are always stopping and watching us and have nothing but nice things to say.
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