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  1. Take it to a reputable gunsmith. I think they have ways to scan or test the metal for stresses to see if shootable. I have one that was reworked to almost new condition and the person doing the work was careful to not remove the cartouches from the stock. It did reduce the value but shoot ability was phenomenal. I took the gun despite its new looking condition and had it checked out.
  2. Yes I have clean shot as well and it works fine. It was International Clays that I was able to get first so I will keep my Clean shot for back up.
  3. I worked up a load recently for International Clays. Used 1oz 7 1/2 shot. Used a 17 bushing to get approximately 11.7 grains of powder. Used Gray Winchester AA HS hulls. The wad was Claybusters for 1 oz shot. Gave out some rounds to some pards at the last shoot and they loved them. Said it was a lite recoil load and knocked down the target with authority. Used International clays because that was ALL I COULD GET!!! lol Oh and the chronometer test varied from 875-900 fps. Press was a MEC 600.
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