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  1. Thanks for the info Hardpan. Just placed my order. Went with the Upgraded Gold and sprung for the Presidential Mahogany Finish while I was at it. Also splurged and doubled my order as I was thinking of "gifting" the second set to a fellow deserving pard here in the Saloon. Can't wait til they arrive, hopefully before the Election at least.
  2. Amnesia and diarrhea You find yourself running to the bathroom, yet can't remember why!
  3. @Alpo, Pearls Before Swine has been doing this for some time. When a bad pun, for example, is made during the strip, the characters confront the artist (Stephan Pastis) in the last panel.
  4. Had seen trailers of this upcoming FX version of "A Christmas Carol" and watched the premiere last night. IMHO it is the best version of the tale that my wife and I have seen in a long time and will be on our annual Christmas Holiday viewing now.
  5. McCandless, I totally agree with you. I even dislike movies that rush a load of characters in the first 5 minutes of the film, and then you spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out who they are and what they represent. There IS one exception to this conceptual type of movie (skipping back and forth in time) that I did like and was easier to follow and that was "MEMENTO". According to Wikipedia, here is the premise of the movie. Memento is a 2000 American neo-noir psychological thriller that stars Guy Pearce as a man who, as a result of a past trauma, has anterograde amnesia (the inability to form new memories) and has short-term memory loss approximately every fifteen minutes. He is searching for the persons who attacked him and killed his wife, using an intricate system of Polaroid photographs and tattoos to track information he cannot remember. Memento is presented as two different sequences of scenes interspersed during the film: a series in black-and-white that is shown chronologically, and a series of color sequences shown in reverse order (simulating for the audience the mental state of the protagonist). The two sequences meet at the end of the film, producing one complete and cohesive narrative.
  6. J-BAR, Thanks for sharing. A perfect example of unmitigated selflessness. Blessings upon them both.
  7. While watching any old crime drama I keep yelling at the screen, just call 911 on your cellphone! Forgot they only had....
  8. Guess who? Just poking a little humor, no harm meant. NOTE: This grants him 1 ribbing of me.
  9. I believe a brief winter spell is upon us here. It was sunny and 82 yesterday, but a front moved in last night and it's a CHILLY 55 this morning.....brrrrr!
  10. Rye, Been there, done that. Some of the old shows are comical by today's standards. The real lunatics are the ones that try to "revive" old shows with newer cast. (Think Magnum and Hawaii 5-0) Somewhere down the line you can look forward to watching the new "NYPD Blue". In the end, I'm just like you......
  11. Illegal, and although it may make you rich, you'll end up buried in mail.
  12. @Alpo, IMHO, since it drove his mother nuts for years, I believe the punctuation is correct and he ate Liver Sausage and with apple butter sandwiches.
  13. " Never date cross-eyed people as they may be seeing someone on the side! "
  14. Noz, Took a break as we were preparing the house for family coming at Thanksgiving. Lots of projects to complete and preparations that were put on hold. Missed the gang. Glad to be back, Thanks.
  15. I say skip the soap.....and just go straight to the bottle!
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