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  1. Mr. Smokestack: Point well taken. My initial goal is to practice (1) with the least amount of cost, and (2) get a visual idea of where I am aiming and hitting.
  2. Misters Hanger, Riot & Gritz: My plan is to build these units using paper targets. (40#- 60# kraft paper) ​ I have a design that is intended to incorporate a target easily into the stand, but we'll see once completed. My intent also is to paint the PVC (color to be determined later) to eliminate the distraction of the color white and to provide protection from the sun. I do understand that if they get hit, they will shatter; however, the section that gets hit can easily be replaced as the pieces will not be glued together. In addition, I plan to only build one at first to see (1) if it works as a viable target stand, (2) the amount of time and ease it will take to replace a broken section, and (3) obviously if I am hitting it too often, I will need to move on to a more durable product. It should help also that I will only be aiming at one target for starters, where with multiple targets and moving back and forth between them, I would expect, in the beginning, to be missing the target and damaging the target stand. Regardless of my ramblings, all of your input is, of course, greatly appreciated. As a note, once built and tested on the range, I will post the results: " The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY". I will accompany them with pictures. All of this is part of my documented journey into the realm of Cowboy Action Shooting.
  3. Mr. Horg: Once I have the first target constructed, I will post pictures of it.
  4. Mr. Pettifogger: Thank you for the direction on where to find the information regarding target size. As a matter of fact, I did quickly look through the Shooters Handbook; however, when I didn't see a heading on the INDEX page that appeared would cover the issue, such as "Target standards" or "Equipment guidelines", I assumed the information would appear in another SASS Publication. Did not consider looking at "Range Operations". Appreciate the guidance. Now I can proceed with construction.
  5. I am designing and planning to use PVC pipe to build practice targets for my personal use. The design phase is complete; however, I realized I could not find where the SASS approved guidelines for target size are stated, in order for me to replicate same. Do such guidelines exist, or is it up to each club to make that determination? I searched the SASS Wire forum and did find a thread that was started regarding the size of targets for long range side matches, and the responses seem to indicate there were no guidelines, at least, for long range side matches. My curiosity was then raised as I began to think about those shooters who go to another club to shoot, and whether those targets are the same size from club to club. If I can be pointed in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. After a PM to Mr. Suomi, he gave me his permission to add one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy, if you haven't heard the song already. ROY ROGERS IS RIDING TONIGHT by Elton John: Here are the lyrics: "Roy Rogers" Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems There's nothing there at all You just seem older than yesterday And you're waiting for tomorrow to call You draw to the curtain and one thing's for certain You're cozy in your little room The carpet's all paid for, God bless the TV Let's go shoot a hole in the moon And Roy Rogers is riding tonight Returning to our silver screens Comic book characters never grow old Evergreen heroes whose stories were told Oh the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range Turn on the T.V., shut out the lights Roy Rogers is riding tonight Nine o'clock mornings, five o'clock evenings I'd liven the pace if I could Oh I'd rather have a ham in my sandwich than cheese But complaining wouldn't do any good Lay back in my armchair, close eyes and think clear I can hear hoof beats ahead Roy and Trigger have just hit the hilltop While the wife and the kids are in bed
  7. ALL: I knew I shouldn't have opened Pandora's reloading box.....accessories. It's enough to make your head Powder Bars....Spare Parts Kits....Bullet trays...Case Gauges...Scale...Pick up Tubes....Calipers...Case Cleanser....Case/Media Separator...Polishing Media (Walnut hull?? and Corn Cob??).... Maybe I should open an auto repair shop, just need wrenches, pliers and a hammer? LOL
  8. See how much I still don't know yet. I guess I should have stayed in school and got learn't more. Listen Pards....this is a lot of information you have provided me, and you can be assured that I will research them all. Based on what I am hearing, I just may be in reloading mode sooner than I think. I have a Birthday coming up and maybe I can convince my lovely bride to surprise me. Thanks you everyone....SO FAR... that has responded. Keep the resources coming, especially those that you are familiar with and recommend.
  9. Mr. Magoats: Thank you for the quick reply and the wonderful loading information for future reference. If I did my math right, a 1LB bottle at 158see note below grain per round would yield 44 rounds. To load 500 rounds I would need 79,000 grains or 12 1 LB bottles of Bullseye = $312.00. For primers, only 500 would be needed = $18.00. Adding these two figures to the 500 casings and 500 bullets, the total would be $414.00 or $ .83/round. I am not familiar with reloading, so if I did the grains calculation wrong, please let me know, but this appears to be more expensive based on that calculation and your quote of $250.00 for 1,000 rounds which is $ .25/round. NOTE: My faux pas! (see subsequent posts that help this newbie understand reloading math.
  10. I’m now ready to start practicing with my firearms at the range. I’ve read most of the recent threads regarding the advantages of reloading your own ammo, which will be an option I will pursue at a later date, for several reasons, (1) lack of funds to invest in the equipment, (2) acquiring the knowledge to effectively load my own ammo, without hurting myself in the process, and (3) lack of time it will require to do so. Any or all of these reasons can account for newbies to initially decide to purchase their ammo. There is a trust factor involved when shooting firearms for the first time, in relying on tried and true ammunition manufactured by reputable firms. I have also been advised that purchasing re-loads from other cowboys, who are willing and able and have the time to devote to this volunteer, albeit paid, job; however, in an earlier thread I responded to, I asked similar questions, yet received no responses. They are quoted below: 1. What is the average cost for 10 rounds for rifle, 10 rounds for revolvers and 4 rounds for shotgun per stage based on six stages, if you purchase the ammo retail online? 2. What is the average cost of the same amount of ammo, if reloads were used? And more importantly, what would the average cowboy pard charge if you supplied the brass? So with the reloading option off the table for now, and the purchase of fellow cowboy re-loads in limbo, I am seeking the best price that anyone has found, preferably on the Internet (as making a 3,000 mile drive to a local brick and mortar retail store in say Tombstone, Arizona would not be feasible) for .38 caliber 158 grain Lead Round Nose (LRN) or Lead Round Nose Flat/Truncated (LRNF) ammo. A previous thread started by Deadcoyote back on August 16, 2016 entitled “SASS ammo?” had a couple of these options provided. The first option offered by Casey Green was Georgia-arms.com where 1,000 rounds could be had for $250.00. I found the 1,000 rounds; however, they are now listed at $310.00. Then Boggus Deal offered up BoneOrchard.com; however, I did not find a good value there either. I like the $ .25 cost per round figure and would be interested if anyone has found anything close to that figure for 500 rounds. It may be wishful thinking on my part, a kind of cow-pie in the sky thought, but look forward to your input to see who can find the best ammo at the lowest price.
  11. The answer might be as simple as having your number one posse shoot and hit where the bowing isn't, as they should be that accurate, and if not, they get a penalty. LOL
  12. Does this type of ammo result in less accuracy than round nose lead?
  13. I'm visiting with my father-in-law and he brought out a bucket of old ammo to see if I was interested in any of it. Most all of it was too old for my taste to shoot not knowing what kind of damage might occur when shot out of my new firearms. Here are two photos if anyone can tell me what kind they are as I have never seen this type before. Appreciate your help and MERRY CHRISTMAS. http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s547/fatherkitcoolgungarth/bullet2_zpsw99dfsnw.jpg http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s547/fatherkitcoolgungarth/bullet1_zpszddx4l5e.jpg NOTE: Hopefully I've got them loaded above,
  14. True West Magazine emailed a link to their website listing the following interesting list of CAS Firearms: Best Cowboy Action Pistol Taylor’s Smokewagon Taylor’s & Co.’s exclusive second-generation, stagecoach-style, single-action revolver, The Smoke Wagon, has a blue finish with a case-hardened frame, and a thin, richly detailed, checkered grip for comfort and improved aim. The Smoke Wagon is an exclusive, trademarked sidearm of the Winchester, Virginia, firearm company. The deluxe Smoke Wagon includes custom tuning, a custom hammer and base pin springs, a trigger pull set at three pounds, jig-cut, positive angles on all triggers and sears for crisp, reliable action, and a wire bolt spring. TaylorsFirearms.com Readers’ Choice: Ruger’s Vaquero Best Cowboy Action Rifle Uberti’s 1873 Winchester Known worldwide as “the rifle that won the West,” the Winchester 1873 Rifle and Carbine is manufactured by Uberti in seven distinctive models, including an Uberti 1873 Carbine, Uberti 1873 Special Sporting Rifle, Uberti 1873 Trapper and Uberti 1873 Half Octagon Rifle. Uberti.com Readers’ Choice: Marlin’s 1895 Cowboy Best Cowboy Action Shotgun Cimarron Firearms‘ 1887 Lever Action Terminator Modeled after an original in the Cimarron Firearms private collection, the five-shot smoothbore 1887 Lever Action Terminator repeating shotgun first went on sale in the spring of 1888. The shotgun quickly became a favorite of law-enforcement officers across the West. Today’s, Cimarron 1887 Lever Action Terminator is available in either a 22-, or 28-inch round blued barrel, a color case hardened receiver, in 12 gauge and capable of handling 2¾-inch shotshells. Cimarron-Firearms.com Readers’ Choice: Century Arms‘ 1887 Lever Action Shotgun
  15. As Rooster Ron Wayne stated: "But then again . Not everyone gets in to this game to be a top shooter. Its all about having fun, playing Cowboy, and Injoying Friends." This is exactly where I approach all of my postings, and in my threads. There are two (2) aspects to Cowboy Action Shooting, Competition, and Comradery. For those like me who are still getting ready to "jump" into the action after acquiring our firearms, we are first trying not to look like a fool and get through a stage clean, and then we can savor the cowboy atmosphere with our fellow pards.
  16. Hey Pards: Got an email from True West Magazine indicating there was an auction yesterday with rare Henry & Winchester Rifles available. The auction was held by Altermann Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I tried to put this information on the SASS WIRE yesterday; however, as many of you know, there were issues with the Website Certificate and I was unable to get to the WIRE to list it. I'm assuming that the majority of us have not struck it rich with enough gold dust to afford these items which were listed with starting bids from $5,200 to $25,000. Although the auction has subsequently ended, you can still get to the website to view these beautiful firearms. Follow these directions to get to the listings: 1. Log onto the website www.invaluable.com; 2. On the Header Bar, choose AUCTIONS, and then Auction Houses on the drop down menu; 3. On the alphabet listing, choose the letter "A", then select page 4; 4. Choose "Altermann Galleries" from the list; 5. From the Past Auctions list, choose the December 19, 2016 Auction, clicking on the "Altermann Galleries Year End Online Only Auction"; 6. The rifles begin with LOT 5. The starting bid prices and current bids as of yesterday are not shown, as well as what the selling price was; however, I did download these items prior to the auction closing. If you are interested in what those bids were, just send me an email or list the request here, and I can provide that information. I would like to mention that with the offerings that included twelve (12) Winchesters, two (2) Henry's and a Marlin the highest bid was for a Factory Engraved Silver Plated Henry Lever Action Rifle, SN 12181, Cal 44 RF for $22,500. The highest Winchester was an Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle, SN 36078, Cal 44 RF Henry for $18,700. Enjoy these items.
  17. Sgt. Hockbauer: First, let’s remember the number one reason for joining SASS and shooting in your local Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) Club…COMRADERY. It’s a time to get together, meet new people and talk about your passion for shooting vintage, albeit clone, firearms and dressing like a cowboy. Of course we would all like to be the fastest, but when you are just starting out, that should be the last thing on your mind or you will surely fail. As a newcomer to CAS, I can tell you that I have met several shooters who have given up on the sport, willing to sell their firearms and get into something else. They spent thousands of dollars getting the best equipment they could afford, only to take a loss, getting out. Everyone has a budget, a dollar amount that they can spend, and when first starting out, get the firearms you can afford. Keep in mind, that newcomers have to not only learn and obey the rules of the sport, but they need to get familiar with their firearms, exercise good gun safety and practice, practice and more practice. With that practice will come the speed, and if down the road, you feel you have maximized any particular firearm, AND you still enjoy the sport, you will either have your firearms gunsmithed, where possible, or upgrade to a faster more efficient firearm. At that juncture, you could either trade in the old firearm, or better yet, keep it as your second choice should your first choice firearm stop working during a match. A lot has been written about the Henry Big Boy rifles on the SASS Wire. I even started one myself back on May 30, 2016 entitled “Pros and Cons of the Henry Big Boy rifles” with over 2,605 views and 56 replies, both good and bad. If you haven’t already done so, there are a lot of good cowboy opinions on there. Myself, I have gone with the Henry Big Boy Silver in 357/38spl. The gun was acquired with the specific intent on providing documentation, both video and written notes, tracking the progression of a new shooter handling this gun from start to finish. I am hoping, after the first of the year (2017), to begin this journey and provide both video and commentary on the SASS Wire. I am excited about starting this journey and look forward to all the UPS and DOWNS that will come along the way, but more importantly, share this journey with you. She’s a beauty…… http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s547/fatherkitcoolgungarth/Henry%20Big%20Boy%20Silver%20357_zpsfrr5wuxd.jpg
  18. Well I'm getting close to the purchase of my revolvers (maybe for Fathers Day) and have used the resources of the SASS Forums, the Cowboy Chronicle advertisers and the Internet to look at holsters. When I start shooting, I will most likely be shooting in the Senior Category for my first year, then move to the Silver Senior the next year. I would also like to eventually shoot in the Senior Duelist and Senior Gunfighter categories once I become more proficient and comfortable with my shooting. With all the different types of holsters, is there one that would be applicable to the three (3) categories listed above, without needing a different holster? Also, is there an advantage to having your leather made where you can personally appear (local vendor) or can the purchase via the Internet be done without any glitches? I live just west of Orlando, Florida and not sure if there are any recommended leatherwork vendors I can make a short travel to visit. I did find one vendor online (Indian Creek Leather) that has a holster with the profile to match my SASS alias. Thoughts and suggestions are certainly welcome.
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