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  1. Capt.,

        Please thank your son for his service :FlagAm: .

        Congrats to the happy couple, many of us know all too well what married life in the service is like. 

        Since drinks are on the house, Bottles make mine a strawberry lemonade! :wub:


        Image result for strawberry lemonade

  2. So how many times have you been somewhere, be it a restaurant, your work, etc. and you're in the restroom, just washed your hands and it's time to dry them.

    Some places have installed the Air Dryers, but I'm not a big fan of them, even though they eliminate the mess of paper, they are noisy and take too long. The best kind are the ones that have the automatic sensor that dispenses them by waving your hands under the unit. The worst are the C-Fold towels that are stacked so tightly in the unit that attempting to get them out with wet hands is a disaster! :angry:


    917983833_PaperTowels2.thumb.jpg.364155e72c27835dc6e4e9a9cd648631.jpg  1537579340_PaperTowels1.thumb.jpg.31090b8289e104682214fb17d4f04816.jpg

  3. Rye,

    EVIL was originally on our list; however, with the new season starting one of the shows my wife and I were primarily interested in was "Prodigal Son".

    A boy's father was a serial killer. Now grown he has become a Profiler solving murders thinking like the killer his dad, now in prison, was without going over the edge himself.




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