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  1. Matt Whittaker at Frontier Gunleather. Nobody better!
  2. Just for info pards. Sgt. Eli did one of these for my Uberti 73 and it works like a dream. This is one of the best upgrades you can get.
  3. That's my set up. Bought them from Tiger and dropped them right into my .357 New Vaqueros.
  4. Thank You Wizard and Kid Bucklin for putting on one of the best matches in the U.S. If anyone wants to go to an old time fun match, this would be the one. The stages are fast, fun, and always a challenge. The side matches are great but there is the Medusa, a shotgun challenge not for the faint of heart. Finally do not forget the "Street Fight" written, produced and managed by Badger. If you think you are a shooter, the Street Fight will make you humble. To say the least, this is a match I will never miss. Casper Kid
  5. I have been using these primers for about five years. I've had exactly one primer malfunction during that time. I've never had a problem with ignition in m pistols, (Rugers), or in my rifle, (Uberti 1873 with Pioneer Gunworks action job). I get them by the case of 12,000 for less than 10,000 Federals or Winchesters would cost me. Great primers!!
  6. Jimvg


    Enough to recite the dialog with the actors.
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