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  1. I will definitely be there. This will be my first shoot since relocating from Fairbanks, AK to Casper, WY last summer. I have finally got most of my gear unpacked and am ready to get back into CAS and meet some more of the most fantastic people you could ever imagine.
  2. Unless you really just prefer the look of the shorter holster, the 5.5 holster will work just fine for the for the shorter barreled revolver.
  3. Paid a local guy here in Casper, WY to move one in February. He specializes in moving safes and pianos, so he has all kinds of dollies, ramps, straps, etc. He charged $125.00 per hour.
  4. If you stay proficient at ejecting live rounds, the rifle reload practice takes care of itself.
  5. Waiting patiently for page 4.........
  6. When I began reloading 44-40, I also had a the problem of the crimp die shoving the bullet slightly deeper into the case. I was seating and crimping in separate steps. I was using a 200 grain RNFP that was sized to .430". I think the problem was that the crimp shoulder on the crimp die was catching on the driving band above the crimp groove of the bullet and pushing it deeper. The problem went away when I switched to a 44 mag crimp die.
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