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  1. I hadn't heard of it until now. I'll have to check it out.
  2. Sort of interesting that in your "mild" response, you told someone to kiss your 4$$, and now you are trying to play the victim.
  3. Warden Callaway has recommended Bill Fuchs in Ten Sleep Wyoming on a few occasions. He might chime in on this thread. He has posted pictures of a couple of SAAs that Bill has refinished for him. I have stopped in to chat with Bill at his shop. He is a great guy. https://springcreekarmory.com/ Edited for spelling
  4. I was all over. I was there for a total of about 4 months during that timeframe. I might have seen it at a gun show, I was there long enough to go to a couple of them.
  5. SGT Sabre, I was in Tucson for a while sometime around 2014-2015. While I was there, I noticed a lot of people open carrying semi-autos with the slide locked back. What is that all about?
  6. Absolutely! But I disliked him more as Hearst.
  7. George Hearst, Deadwood (HBO), played by Gerald McRany.
  8. My guess is about 3.1 grains!! With 125 gr TCFP coated bullet from Chey-cast and 3.1 grains of titegroup, I get a 6 shot average velocity of 721 fps from one of my 5.5 inch Ubertis and an average of 710 fps from the other
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Getting some extra die bodies is the solution that I used. I was just trying to provide the OP with accurate and complete information about using this press.
  10. I need to hoard roughly 3 times the number of small pistol primers that I had going into this nonsense. I am still doing alright on large pistol, I might only double what I normally keep on hand.
  11. I have been using one since 2013. I don't have the case feeder or bullet feeder. I couldn't justify the added cost since I only load around 3000 rounds a year. It is easy to set up, easy to switch from large to small primer, easy to switch calibers. It is also easy to keep it running properly. The only function on the press that I find to be a pain in the butt to get adjusted is when you need to adjust the case activated powder drop/powder through expander plug for a different length case, like going from .45 acp to .38spl.
  12. I have had mixed (mostly bad) results with the search function of this forum. IMHO, telling someone to use the search function is about the same as telling them that you don't have time to answer their silly questions. This is a forum after all, aren't we here to discuss and share our collective experience?
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