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  1. I'll TAKE IT!!!! If you don't already have a deal made with another pard. I have provided contact info in a PM to work out payment and pick-up.
  2. Well you're obviously doin it wrong!
  3. I am grateful that you took the time to conduct and publish so much of the testing that you have. I have stumbled across a good amount of your data as I seek to learn more about 44WCF.
  4. I am aware, but a reminder never hurts. Have you done any testing comparing pressures and velocity differences between cast lead vs. Hi-tek coated cast lead of same design and weight?
  5. Savvy Jack,Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed explanation. I think for now, I am on the path to success. My problems of some of my rounds not passing a "chamber check" , by using the tighter cylinder removed from the revolver, was solved by adjusting the sizing die to push the shoulder back a little more. The problem with the driving band interfering with the crimp die and causing inconsistent seating depth and inconsistent crimps seems to have been fixed by seating the Magma profile bullet deeper and crimping near the top of the driving band. Thanks again for taking the time to help explain the problem I was having.
  6. I did a couple of things that seem to have solved my problem. I crimped above the crimp groove up near the corner of the driving band as suggested by Garrison Joe, and tested for collapse as described. This resulted in an overall cartridge length of 1.550 instead of the 1.595 that I was getting when crimping in the groove. The other thing that I did was adjusting my sizing die to push the shoulder back a little farther. I made 6 dummy rounds as described above and they all drop into and back out of the cylinder freely.
  7. I had considered trying that, but I was concerned that the magazine spring pressure in the rifle might push the bullet into the case. I wasn't confident that the thin neck would bite into the approx. 16 Brinell hardness bullet. I'll give it a try. It would be pretty convenient to be able to stick with the bullet vendor I got those bullets from, they are just 2.5 hours down the road.
  8. Warden, that looks more like what I'm looking for. I thought I remembered you posting about this, but I didn't have any luck finding it using the search function on the forum.
  9. I don't want to go with a smaller sized diameter bullet. The barrels of my rifle and revolvers all slug .428 or larger. I'm hoping that if I can find the correct bullet that I might actually be able to go larger. The bullet on the right in the original picture is properly crimped in the crimp groove. Here is a picture of that bullet.
  10. In the pictures on Her website the 44-40 bullets look like the profile on the right.
  11. I am looking for a bullet vendor that sells a 200 grain bullet sized to .428 that has the same profile as the bullet on the left. If I try to use the style on the right, I run into a couple of problems. The first is that my Redding crimp die catches on the driving band (not certain of correct terminology) and will alter the seating depth of the bullet. The second issue is that one of my revolvers seems to have tight cylinder throats, and doesn't seem to like the bullet on the right. In addition to a suggested vendor, any other questions, comments or advice is welcomed.
  12. Thanks Hombre, your carts look like a very well thought out and well executed design. I am going to wait a little and see if I get any interest in my WTB advert before ordering new.
  13. Good Point. I'll do it. But I am still interested in any used gun carts in my local area or within about 150 miles.
  14. I am looking for a small, simple gun cart. I plan to use it for travel, so I'm looking for something small and simple, similar to the "straight Arrow Hombre cart". I am located in Casper, WY and would be willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick one up. Also, if anyone has contact info for the Straight Arrow Hombre carts, please pass it along to me. Thanks in advance.
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