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  1. I'm signed up. I shot it for the first time last year. Looking forward to shooting it again.
  2. You would likely be disappointed. I haven't seen a starting line written for a stage since I moved to this part of the country. It must be a regional thing.
  3. This has been quite an interesting discussion. I tend to agree with those that think that the subjectivity should be removed from the game where possible. It seems like there are two different thought processes that would result in the "6 shots fired, 6 targets down, no call/next shooter" outcome. 1- We can't (with a reliable level of certainty) know the shooters intent with the first shot. and 2- It doesn't make sense to try to judge how close is close enough to qualify for "shoot where it was. So my question is, What if the shooter in the OP scenario removes any doubt as to their
  4. People aren't any tougher these days, just more enlightened. All of those people that were killed by .25s and .32s didn't have access to gun forums and youtube videos like we do now. Since they were ignorant of the fact that those cartridges were inadequate, they simply died when shot by them. If only they had known.
  5. Wear the new badge and somehow display the old badge on your gun cart?
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