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  1. I haven't run the other way yet, I'll still be here till Friday morning. I will however, take a hard pass on this rifle. I appreciate everyone's advice.
  2. I do appreciate the knowledge and experience that can be found here on the wire. I'm not quite ready to post a wtb ad, I was only going to buy if it was too good of a deal to pass up.
  3. While traveling, I have come across a Winchester 1892 with 24 inch octagonal barrel with full length mag tube, in 38 WCF. It has been reblued, with all of the roll marks on the receiver and upper tank are gone. The bore is bright and the action feels right. I think I want to buy it, but I'm not sure what potential problems i might face by buying a rifle that the serial number has been been removed. It's on consignment, priced at 750.00
  4. The Hornady LNL makes it easy by allowing you to remove the individual dies from whichever stations you might want to perform manually off of the press. You could size and deprime as you normally would, hand prime and individually weigh each charge if you like, then seat and crimp on the LNL.
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