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  1. Follow a routine when returning to your gun cart after shooting a stage. Mine is-dump brass, replenish shot shells, fill loading block. This happens every time in the same order. Other additional and optional things might be a couple bites of an energy bar, a drink of water, but I always attend to the ammo first. For me, having a set routine at my cart and at the loading table just helps give me less to think about.
  2. Disclaimer: I was Huey mechanic/crew chief in the Army after high school, not a pilot. That was a long time ago. If I remember correctly, If we had a wide open space we could remain in ground effect while we gained airspeed. More airspeed created more lift. I'm sure a helicopter pilot could explain it better.
  3. I shoot an SKB 150 with factory inertia trigger mechanism. If I don't have it seated on my shoulder, I have had the trigger not reset when shooting Winchester LN/LR shells.
  4. That reminds me. I should check in on the gunsmith that has had my 97 for over 6 years,,,,see how it's coming along. Pro tip- Don't ever tell a gunsmith or a taxidermist "take your time, I'm in no rush"
  5. The short answer is,,,,if it will hover, it will fly.
  6. I shoot 2 different Miroku/Winchester rifles. One is a 20" round barrel short rifle in .357, and the other is a 24" tapered octagonal sporting rifle in 44-40. It seems like the 20" swings to the target quicker, but the 24" seems to be easier to keep on the target while levering.
  7. I shoot an SKB 150 with 26" barrels. When I bought it in 2017, the only things I did to it to prep it for CAS was to remove a linkage in the action to disable the auto-safety engagement and install a brass bead instead of the factory front sight. I figured that if I decided that the extra length caused me problems that I could always cut it later. I haven't found a reason to cut it yet.
  8. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a wire newbie, but is pretty clear that some of the members here REALLY like to hear themselves talk. Only 887 posts left until I get my rocket ship.
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