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  1. I’ll send PM thanks willie GOODNEWS
  2. New price $725+$25 shipping
  3. Also bisley hammer and bisley trigger!!!
  4. This is a Ruger Single Six converted Bisley stainless steel new model 22lr Comes with custom one of a kind moose antler gunfighter grips and has 6.5” barrel has lightened hammer spring $600 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL first I’ll take it
  5. Hay all you gamers out there.Here I have a pair of custom Ruger gripframes hammers and triggers and screws for Ruger vaqueros. I bought these from midway and milled all the weight I could out of them and then fitted and finished them ( they come unfinished from Midway) I have $350 plus the work in them just didn’t like them. $250 shipped First I’ll take them
  6. I have 2 pair of Eagle Ruger Bisley Vaquero checkered gunfighter grips for sale. ANIB shot in one match just didn’t like the bisley feel. I have about $325 ($298+$25 shipping and tax) invested. Todays blue light special is $250 shipped First I’ll take it
  7. That’s right this is NIB Ruger flattop 44 spl. 4 5/8” barrel. $725 plus $25 from my FFL to your FFL First I’ll take it
  8. New price $799 + shipping
  9. Up for sale is a Winchester model 1894 . It started out to be a FROINTEERSMAN. The barrel was changed to a 26” tapered octagon 30-30 Canadian Centennial. Added recoil pad and William peep sight. Shoots great but it just sits in the safe. Would like to get $675 plus shipping first I’ll take it
  10. This is a completely restored Husqvarna model 101 hammered double barrel 12 ga. The action is bank vault tight. Completely stock except the barrels are cut to 20” no chokes barrels are steel but it was made around 1910 so I would only use black powder. Asking $799 plus shipping. The bores have been honed so there is only minor pitting first I’ll take it
  11. Here is a very nice Ruger vaquero in 44-40 with 7.5” barrel. I sent it back to Ruger and they opened up the throats to.430 and it was my backup so didn’t get shot much. Stock gun Asking $750 plus shipping First I’ll take it
  12. DO NOT get in a hurry and watch GB and other auctions and here and you can find them. I have seen them go for as much as $2200 and as little as $1200 each for in unaltered condition in the last month. 38-40 and black powder for me is a great match willie GOODNEWS
  13. I have SS grip frames, hammers, triggers and Like new Eagle gunfighter grips that are checkered ivory for sale.
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