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  1. Who is the maker? What are they made out of?
  2. 38special/357 magnum is common, 9mm is custom made.
  3. I guess I fail to understand how anyone would require a Dillon to load mass quantities of 45-70? Isnt a single stage fast enough to load the few rounds you are likely to shoot? I mean, it is not like you are going to go out and just BANG of a couple of hundred of those bad boys in an afternoon! That is unless you are looking to get a new shoulder in the near future! But then again I guess some people are into self abuse?
  4. Didn't your father ever tell you it is rude to point a gun at someone!
  5. Hmmm, for what it's worth I think you are looking for stove "pipe" boots, not stove "top" boots. I know, picky, picky.
  6. NOE BULLET MOLDS.they make a very good mold reasonable prices and make "true Keith design" SWC molds in several weights. http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=37
  7. I had a pet peeve for a while, till it attacked my 20 year old single malt, so I sicked my nauga on him but they became amorously entwined and now I have a bunch of drunk peeve nauga's running around the place! Dang anybody want one, or a dozen? Running and ducking and grinning!
  8. I gotta weigh in in favor of the Rossi 92 as well, tis what I would get if I had a pack of young'uns comming up. You can buy two or three of them for the price of a 73 and the will run darn near as fast. The 16" version will fit 10 38's and with a cut down stock (save the cut off piece to screw back on as they grow) they make a pretty nice kids gun. If you go the Rossi route look up Steve's Guns https://store.stevesgunz.com/ For a very good video on DIY slick up, very informative as well. Steve is a great guy to work with and sure knows his Ross's! Good luck with yer home growed posse! JMHO, YMMV
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