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  1. Doc, I do not have a good answer as to why round ball is so expensive. Everything for cap and ball is kind of that way (caps cost compared to primers). Next time you get this way e mail me and let me know and I will bring you some .454 and you can see if they will work for you. That may give you an option to purchase whichever you run across.
  2. Tyrel, does it have the screw in chokes in the barrels. Thanks CC
  3. Thank you for making this video Warden. I do enjoy making these replicas run for our game and this will be of help when things start to wear out from heavy use. CC
  4. I have used the RWS 1050s some and they fit well on the slix nipples and the track of the wolf nipples. The RWS caps are plenty hot and tend to really fragment upon firing. Hope it helps. CC
  5. When I load on the gun I use a lube wad under the ball. The cartridges I use filler and then lube over the ball which worked great. This is an exercise in trying to be more efficient at monthly matches where posses are generally smaller, so I can pull my weight on posse duties. At major matches I intend to continue to load on the guns. Fun experiment though.
  6. I spent black powder friday rolling the up for some off season experimentation .
  7. Dawg, I put them in mine several years ago and have had zero issues. My ttn was my only sg for about my first 5yrs in the sport. It has seen a lot of service and again, no issues. Hope it helps.
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