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  1. You might be surprised at what Lassiter might have laying around. If you need his contact info pm me.
  2. Dawg, those cz hammer classics are SWEEEEEET shotguns. I got one that is my field gun and brother it is a meat maker.
  3. Gosh Seamus that hurt my feelings too. I might have to go to pale rider loads just to feel better. Lol
  4. I think it would be well worth the drive to get my picture took with someone as purty as Baby Doll Blue. As for those other two .....eh maybe. Lol
  5. Ok, this is gonna be pretty long so hang with me. The good news is snap caps can be made. Bad news is it is a lengthy process AND you will have to remove your caps each time. First step: buy a set of slix nipples or track of the wolf stainless replacement nipples. Keep your factory nipples to make your snap caps. Make a jig to hold nipple.make a jig to hold nipple. Just a plate threaded to hold nipple.put nipple in jig and slip on fish tank aeration hosecut hose flush with top of nipple and remove cut peice for later use.use an end mill and cut .060 off of nipple.put plastic sleeve on nipple.fill with rtv silicone.wipe off excesswipe off excess and allow to set up for 24 hrs. Put in cylinders and enjoy. The plastic will eventually split out. Just rip it off and put on a new one and refill with rtv.
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