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  1. What can you do on ActionshootingNetwork.com ? · Host a club page. Like https://actionshootingnetwork.com/ajr FREE CLUB PAGE · Easily upload match results to your club page. · Create events/match listings for your club matches, annuals, state, regional… you get the idea. · Access the stage library for inspiration and even upload your stages to inspire others. · Get to know some of the pards you shoot with in the Shooter Spotlight blog. · Blog about your shooting, travels, guns or anything to do with CAS or shooting in general. · Talk with you pards,. · Be social in the main feed. If you haven’t been to https://actionshootingnetwork.com yet, I invite you to give it a try. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Moog on ASN or admin@actionshootingnetwork.com .
  2. Here is this weeks Spotlight. Dancin Angel. https://actionshootingnetwork.com/blog/109/shooter-spotlight-dancin-angel/
  3. You can cross a couple of them off that list.
  4. I have 6 or 7 waiting right now. Some interesting pards. I'd like to get some of the low SASS number people. If you have any suggestions or you would like to participate register on https://actionshootingnetwork.com and let me know.
  5. Action Shooting Network has started a Shooter Spotlight Blog. In the SSB we get to know some of the shooters in our game. You see and hear their names (aliases) here a way to get to know a little more about them. If you want to add a question to the list feel free to post here or comment on any of the blogs. there are a few posted and more coming, the plan is to post one every other week. Thanks, hope you enjoy these. https://actionshootingnetwork.com/blog/category/14/shooter-spotlight/
  6. ASN is not a forum and I asked MistyMoonshine (SASS) for permission to post about ASN here. That still does not explain all my other posts that didn't have anything to do with ASN.
  7. i don't see anything mentioning Moog or Actionshootingnetwork.com before October 19 a few threads after then and this one.
  8. it's not just posts about actionshootingnetwork.com either, it's all my posts.
  9. i logged in to my account to find all of the posts gone from my profile activity. so i started searching and cannot find any post from me or any that mentioning Actionshootingnetwork.com . like the ASN EOT Bounty Hunt or even posts that other members posted about ASN. Has this happened to anyone else?
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