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  1. But not wrong either. More like how protectionist rules are designed.
  2. I dont no, but: A U.S. Citizen can be German Champion. A U.S. Citizen can be Czech Champion. A U.S. Citizen can be Dutch Champion. A u.s. Citizen can be also European Champion. etc, etc.......
  3. Sometimes you can take modern Uberti-Parts. Produktion of this older models has endet for over 40 years. No parts on the market.
  4. Old UbertiĀ“s from the 70` have a different Frame. Can see, on the barrel is written "Uberti Gardone"
  5. My experience and the comparison with other manufacturers in the areas of costs, quality and handling say that and make the difference.
  6. I have the Marlin 1894, the Uberti 1873 and a Miroku 1873. Best reliable "out o the Box" is the Miroku.
  7. Better is, the Ammunition is in the right way in the carrier.....
  8. Charles Daly is not from Huglu. It is the Akkar Churchill 512 https://www.akkar.com.tr/churchill-512-2-493
  9. Gabriels Oboe. The best 2 Minutes for an Oboe of all time.....
  10. I think there are not many more than 1.000 members outside of the United States.
  11. In the past 10 years I have learned no matter how far or near the distance, how big or small the targets, no matter how difficult or easy the stage is and how many categories I offer: there are always the same shooters in front.
  12. SASS Alias: Lash LaRue Gang SASS#: 99882 Where are you from: North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany How long have I been shooting CAS: 17 years (since 2003)
  13. Is from the 70", right?The white Car is a Ford M 12. Pic is from the "obere Marktstrasse"(higher Marketstreet) with the Winzerer Denkmal(Memorial). Today is "christmas markt" and on the Street are many Woods more. Many History but A little like Disney. Excuse my bad english. I have never learn.
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