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  1. I think there are not many more than 1.000 members outside of the United States.
  2. In Germany we have a new discipline in Wild Bunch since 2019. Name is "1917" and only the DA Mod. 1917 from Colt & S&W in Cal. .45 ACP. Rules the same like WB. Revolver shooting only with clips and only in DA. Very nice.
  3. SP: Federal and Murom KVB-9S LP: Federal and Winchester
  4. Have had .20, .22 & .24. I prever .22
  5. None? Too bad I would have been interested too.
  6. .....si vis pacem, parabellum. And for a little bit fun. My DPMS Panther.
  7. I have two. One with full year letter, no box and one without.
  8. Right decision, very reasonable.
  9. I loaded it up for a while. I stopped, why IMHO N32C has a slight ammoniac smell. Always smelled like someone had peed.
  10. In 40 years: He Grandpa, what have you done in corona crisis? “I was a Top Turret Gunner on a toilet paper Truck!“
  11. In the past 10 years I have learned no matter how far or near the distance, how big or small the targets, no matter how difficult or easy the stage is and how many categories I offer: there are always the same shooters in front.
  12. In my Federal State North-Rhine-Westphalia in Germany i have four dates CAS to end of may. All canceled. Government has closed all sporting grounds next 4 weeks.
  13. SASS Alias: Lash LaRue Gang SASS#: 99882 Where are you from: North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany How long have I been shooting CAS: 17 years (since 2003)
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