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  1. Good analysis. In Germany there are currently no supply problems at all. Probably because all American (Fed, CCI, Rem, Winch.) And all European Primers (Magtech, S&B, Ginex, Geco, RWS, Fiocchi) as well as Russian Murom are available. We had no toilet paper for months. But that's the difference. American citizens buy ammunition and guns to protect themselves. Germans buy toilet paper because they are afraid of peeking their pants ........
  2. Tolerance doesn't seem to be their strong point. It's a shame they use such an argument. EOM
  3. I always thought CAS was a serious competition and not an educational program for young people. Well, I guess I made a mistake.
  4. If Silver & Seniors fill all categories by the "Winter Range" and win, what then? Is that fair against the younger ones? I think this rule is just terrible, results and placements are completely arbitrary.
  5. Older people are allowed in any younger category? Younger people are not allowed in older categories? What a nonsense!
  6. Do you polish the cylinder chambers? No! It is not necessary.
  7. But not wrong either. More like how protectionist rules are designed.
  8. I dont no, but: A U.S. Citizen can be German Champion. A U.S. Citizen can be Czech Champion. A U.S. Citizen can be Dutch Champion. A u.s. Citizen can be also European Champion. etc, etc.......
  9. Sometimes you can take modern Uberti-Parts. Produktion of this older models has endet for over 40 years. No parts on the market.
  10. Old UbertiĀ“s from the 70` have a different Frame. Can see, on the barrel is written "Uberti Gardone"
  11. My experience and the comparison with other manufacturers in the areas of costs, quality and handling say that and make the difference.
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