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  1. My first MDQ came several years ago during the third match I ever shot when I broke the 170 with a loaded pistol. Second MDQ came during the first match this year after receiving a SDQ when I missed my holster on up-range side moving to the next station and broke the 170 with an empty gun. My fault. After that SDQ, the TO came over to the unloading table and began explaining to me why it happened and it's a good rule, etc and I listened to him while I unloaded the pistols. During the next stage at the loading table, I spun the cylinder for the second pistol and I had one piece of empty brass left from the last stage. MDQ. Nobody's fault but mine. I shouldn't have allowed myself to become distracted but I did by listening to somebody when I should have been checking to make sure my pistols were clear. I was not a happy camper but stayed and picked brass. I chalk these DQ's as a learning experience and I'm looking forward to shooting the next match.
  2. Thanks for the update, Kid! I've been unable to make it to Jackson to see Parson due to a nasty cough and cold. He sure doesn't need any more complications that I might spread! Glad to hear he's doing so well. God needs him here on earth more than He needs him in heaven right now.
  3. Another update on Parson "We received a message from Diamond Lilly late last night that Parson was in recovery at 6:00 p.m. Apparently, it was a very long surgery. We will keep you posted as we hear additional updates from his family. Please lift them all up in your prayers. The is a very special cowboy who has touched the lives of so many people." Soiled Dove
  4. Reread Diamond Lil's original post and the hospital was University Medical. Old age struck again!
  5. Keith, I never heard which hospital Parson was taken to, but I assume UMC in Jackson. I was really hoping to hear from James by now. Please call when you get an update on our beloved Parson.
  6. Should you really like to present yourself with a remarkable rye whisky, Noz, bring home a bottle of Knob Creek rye. For you bourbon advocates, be sure you buy for your cabinet... and your sipping enjoyment... the Knob Creek bourbon.
  7. Dutch, does the Uberti revolver(s) you have for sale have firing pins in the hammer?

  8. Interesting, Poncho! I wasn't aware of the Baikals being imported after the embargo. I know it says Baikal on the floor plate, but does it show on it who is the distributor/importer?

  9. Doc, regarding the Baikal springs. My concern is the stud that engages the hammer hole getting bent or broken. You just closed the vice on the spring itself then drove the top cap pin out without compressing the spring? Thanks, Jess

  10. Noz, is there any modification you have to make to the metal of the Baikal triggers when you reverse them? Thanks, Jess Money

    1. Noz


      No, I just pulled the pin out of the frame that holds the triggers and slip them out. The return springs can get away if you are not careful.


      Swap the triggers keeping the springs with the triggers. Slip the pin back in and you're good to go. I am not convinced that it's worth the effort.

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