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  1. The weevils are what gives it that little bit of ......
  2. Depends Easier to link to the info. The Difference Between Casting & Forging Forging vs. Casting
  3. Don't know what my score was I found a sweet spot and managed to get 58 bounces per shot for at least 6 shots. Lost 2 eyes in the process Second game found a different sweet spot and got 7 shots with 63 bounces. Only lost one eye this time Total hits for the second game was 710 Rolled the score over at least 2 times before I discovered that it only goes up to 9,999,999.
  4. When drawing power form the utility grid, balancing is only required with large 3 phase loads. Balancing the voltage supplied to each leg of a 3 phase motor will make it run more efficiently which means it will use less total power. 99.99% of residential service in the US does not have 3 phase power. Only ones I have ever seen were large farms and the 3 phase was to support the farm and not the house. Your meter reads actual usage as a sum total of the power drawn. The meter doesn't care if one leg draws more than another. If you are running a 3 phase generator there is benefit to having reasonably balanced loading but that is a completely different situation.
  5. Brake cleaner wouldn't work on BP fouling. Brake cleaner is used to soften / dissolve grease, oil, etc.
  6. Gun Cleaner would work out to about $100.00 for a years worth at the rate I use it. Non-chlorinated brake cleaner costs about $25.00 for the same amount. Might not be getting rich but the math is pretty convincing.
  7. COFFEE!!!! What army were you with. Ours only had chicory.
  8. Alpo, Think of an empty pool as an odd shaped boat. Put enough water around it and it will float. Simply the physics of water displacement. Getting one back in the ground can be very hard. To prevent further damage to the pool better call a professional. BTW Concrete boats have been around since at least 1848. I Here is a picture of the Tall Ship Larinda. She was launched in 1996
  9. Pinned in the Classifieds section PICTURES CAN NOW BE POSTED ON THE CLASSIFIEDS!
  10. Never ever underestimate the persistence of a Donkey. They can wear down granite and bend it to their will.
  11. Imagine the most annoying person you have ever had to stand in line next to while they have a loud animated phone call. Now imaging being trapped in the seat next to them on a plane for 2 or three hours. Now imagine being on a plane where 20 people are all trying to out talk each other.
  12. The DOT is seeking public input on allowing people to make phone calls via Wi-Fi while in flight. If you want to see this banned please go here and select the comment now button in the top right. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Use of Mobile Wireless Devices for Voice Calls on Aircraft (Original) https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOT-OST-2014-0002-1795 https://www.regulations.gov/searchResults?rpp=25&po=0&s=DOT-OST-2014-0002&fp=true&ns=true
  13. Be sure to buy the NON-Chlorinated formula. It is less likely to damage plastics. Chlorinated solvents when heated above 600 degrees or exposed to strong UV radiation can form deadly phosgene gas. Many a welder has had to learn this the hard way and way to many don't survive the first lesson. Chlorinated solvents when mixed with water will also form hydrochloric acid. The non-chlorinated versions may require a little elbow grease to do the job but are much safer in the long run.
  14. The dual generator setup OLG linked to is the way to go. Only run one when the load is light or bring them up in parallel for heavy loads. The Honda's are nice a quiet as well.
  15. +10 Except for the manufacturers marks you probably cannot tell the difference between them.
  16. You have to have the one that fits the cartridge. The shell holder ensure the cartridge is properly centered to the die.
  17. I enjoyed the Ragtime as much as watching the artist work.
  18. Unfortunately not. The SDB does not have an adjustable depriming pin.
  19. Well at least I am not the only one. In the same lot of brass I also found some Lake City brass where the primers were staked in. Oddly enough those deprimed without the primer sticking to the pin.
  20. Having an issue with primers sticking to the decapping pin and getting pulled back into the primer pocket. Messes up the works when you try to seat 2 primers into the same hole Reloading some once fired fired brass from a range. So far all the head stamps have been either Hornady or PPU. Anyone else ever had this happen?
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