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  1. Blue Wolf,


    If you are unsuccessful at finding a Chiappa '87 and would consider a Special edition Coyote Cap '87 with the drop two mod, I have one that I would consider parting with.  Rotator cuff injury, major tear, prevents me from operating the '87.  Cannot hold it to my shoulder to perform the drop two reload any longer. Have had to go back to my 16 Ga. double.  PM me if interested & we can discuss.  $1,600.



    1. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Thanks Grizz but I have one of those. I’ve been shooting an 87 several years now. I just like the looks of the Chiappa. 

  2. Marshall,


    Have you received my PM's?  I just added email and phone #'s to PM I thought went out yesterday with shipping address but Now I am doubting that it went OK as it appeared when I clicked to send you another PM.



  3. Dusty,


    I can provide you with a tool head for the RL 550 Dillon.  Email me for details.


    Grizz -

    18983 Life

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