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  1. You recently  bought SS old model Rugers, 5 1/2  barrel, 357/38. I’m interested in them. Please call me if you plan to sell them.

    1. Caddo Kid

      Caddo Kid

      I assumed you want to sell them since you are in business. I would have purchased them but you beat me to them. How much?

  2. If Quick Draw does not take them, I would like them.



  3. Mack Hacker and I (Caddo) can be there on Wednesday and are not shooting side matches. We can help if you still need someone. No experience but willing to help.
  4. Rolan, are they new "old" Blackhawks or are they New Blackhawks? My New Blackhawks do not have Pinned in sites. How do you put brass front sites on the New Blackhawks?
  5. Put me on the list T-Bone, I'll put my app in mail today! s/Caddo
  6. Mack Hacker, loaned me guns until I bought them. He needed a newbie to sell his un-wanted guns to: it worked! Went to match and shot last three stages! Been hooked since then. That was 2013 (I think), we are going to our first Winter Range in 2017!
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