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  1. Prairie Dawg was the first to E-mail me he would take them. Sold to Prairie Dawg. Thanks John Lee
  2. I believe the diameter is 429. Thanks JL
  3. Old style 44 200 grain RNFP lead bullets with lube strip. One box 500, one box 550. $50.00 plus $14.35 shipping. PO money order for $64.35 will make them yours. First E-mail to John _lee1947@yahoo.com and they will yours. Thanks for lookin JL
  4. Thanks Hilo Willy, Send me your e-mail address and I will send you my address. Here is my email. John_lee1947@yahoo.com Thanks John Lee
  5. They are .430 diameter. 1000 are from Two Alpha Bullet , Burlington IA. The 400 are Rim Rock Bullets. Thanks John Lee
  6. For sale 44 200 grain round nose flat point. These bullets are not coated but they have a lube strip. Two boxes of 500, one box with 400. $75.00 for all plus $14.35 shipping. $89.35 total. Thanks for lookin. Please respond on this page . Thanks John Lee
  7. Guys, lf you look at the post the SASS moderater took it off and said, for some reason nobody could sell items for other people. I sent them a personal e-mail and apologized. I made a mistake and I was ok with there removal of my post. My e-mail must have changed their mind because they put the post back up on the Sass classified page. I don’t look at the SASS page everyday.I keep everyone’s e-mail sent to me in the order I received them. I would not act on them because I was told not to. When I discovered SASS put my post back up I started where I left off with the e-mails. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone because I am not good with technology. I would still like to be me, I know that will not be ok with everyone. I have had the privilege of shooting in SASS for twenty years this July. The privilege is the people I shoot with. I can’t put into words how they make me feel. Thank you Cheyenne and Rudy for your kind words. You are a great example of the people in SASS. This experience has on classified page to me is not what Cowboy Shooters are really like in person. When I finish with these guns, I will sell items at local Shoots. This is for all the Cowboys I have shot with over the years. I love you guys. John Lee
  8. Last Gun has bought the Uberti 7 1/2 inch. I’m waiting to hear from one other person to confirm he wants the other two pistols. Thanks John Lee
  9. IJ Sorry about that, I don't do well with technology . This should be correct. mandg19744@gmail.com. If you have anymore trouble call me at 330-995-3994 Thanks JL
  10. #1. 45 long colt 5 1/2 in barrel color case hardend $375.00 Ser#104963 + shipping to your FFL #2. 45 long colt 4 3/4 Barrel color case hardend Reglator $375.00 Ser# 128970 + shipping to your FFL #3. 45 long colt 71/2 barrel Color case hardend & blue Cimarron $400.00 Ser#P03377 + shipping to your FFL These guns were shot mainly at a private range. Maybe two Cowboy Matchs. These guns are in very good condition with usual cylinder marks. No work has been done to these guns, yet they are very smooth . For pictures E-mail at mandg19744@gmail.com If you have questions !!!!! Use this PAGE!!!!!!! DO NOT SEND ME A MESSAGE ON THE SASS BOARD!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks John Lee
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