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  1. I’ve sold all my Firearms needed to fund my back surgery. Scheduled for January 8, 2020. Cowboys are the Greatest. Thank you fine folks. I still have my CAS Guns and soon as I sell my trailer I’ll get my shoulder fixed. Then watch out.......Gunfighter on Fire!!!!
  2. Yes Single Action Army. These are really a great smooth short stroke guns. They have factory internal so no cut and weld. Slim grips in .357 but of course accept .38’s. Wide spur Running Iron Hammers. I think they would make a great set of pistols for your wife. Really the same gun as Smoke Wagons and Cattleman’s by Uberti. My wife loved hers. Merry Christmas
  3. New in the box un-molested . .38spl i was gonna build this one for me but never got around to it. Kenny Stump 725 Alvin Smith Road Ward AR 72176 501-605-6750 stumpworks@yahoo.com j-peg pic or e-mail FFL Thank You Very Much!
  4. This is my last offering and I’ll have the funds. I’ll have enough for my back surgery. Please help as I’m not asking for charity. It’s New never fired.
  5. I drill and install Ruger plunger and spring for the advancing pawl. Replaces the leaf spring that is attached to the pawl for smoother action. I cut and weld Ruger wide Spurs on the existing hammers.
  6. No damage. Was some lint. 501-605-6750 call me to set everything up.
  7. Thank you, I’ll check it out this evening and let you know but I think it’s just in the pic
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