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  1. Guys, as you can see from the attached video, yesterday the Beaver Creek Kid returned to shooting with us at the Bayou Bounty Hunters of Louisiana, and he was sporting ALL the gear that you guys so graciously provided him following the passing of his father last month! I thank you, as does he and his mother. The gifts are almost too many to name but to name a few of what y'all provided, he had his new gun belt, shotgun belt, set of 45LC pistols, a vest (perfect for banquets), 250 rds ammo + 300 empty brass, bandana, his SASS membership from me and a SASS Hat from Misty and Ruby and with the cash collected from y'all I got him a year supply of shotgun shells, all to alleviate his Mom from any expenses right now. On behalf of the family and the Bayou Bounty Hunters of LA, thank y'all for the help. The BCK had a blast yesterday using all his new gear. Dusty Sometimes
  2. Thanks guys, excellent points! The only thing he lacked was a shotgun belt and gun belt, and we now have that covered. With the money coming in no longer needed for a shotgun belt, I'll buy him a case of shotgun shells to alleviate that cost from his Mom. He has a twin brother who is not an outdoorsman like BCK, who is into Karate and Gymnastics and he has a mentor who is looking out for him. I'll reload all his ammo and our club will waive any monthly fees. When I present him with all of these items and tell him of your support and prayers, I'll post a photo and update y'all in 7-14 days. Dusty Sometimes
  3. Thank you so much Doc X and Springfield Slim, he absolutely could use that. Sending PMs shortly. Sincerely appreciated Dusty Sometimes
  4. Guys, Thank you so much! The only item he lacks is a shotgun belt and in 2 weeks he'll have everything he needs to continue with these donated items that I'll present to him on YOUR behalf. His dad's funeral in this weekend and later next week I'll give him and his mother a big box of CAS gear like the pistols, SASS membership and badge and a new shotgun belt so he won't have to put a slide on his bluejeans belt. Based on your generosity, I'll order him one today and keep y'all updated. This kid loves CAS and is in CAS to stay, which is now solidify based on your prayers, support and help. I told his mother and asked permission, and she texted me back saying I'm in tears but yes, yes, please tell your cowboys thank you. Again I'll keep all the bullets at my home for safety as the family had a safe for deer guns. Dusty Sometimes
  5. Widder, the donated pistols are .45LC and another member donated 200 rds and I reload those for my Schofields, so we're good there, thanks so much for the offer. Hoping someone has an old shotgun belt laying around that'll fit a teenager. Dusty Devil Dale, thank you for your sincere reply. DS
  6. Thanks Widder, we're all so in shock still, I didn't think about that. I'll make sure they're "given" to his mother who has graciously approved since I'll keep all ammo at my house. Thanks again! Dusty
  7. Beaver Creek Kid is a new, young, 15 year old shooter in our club that, prior to this pandemic, followed me to every monthly match he could, borrowing my guns, ammo and my spare holsters hanging on his belt on his bluejeans. He refused to go home each time until he helped clean guns and reloaded his 100 rds for the next match. His father, my neighbor and friend, who was starting to shop for a set of pistols for him, passed away Monday from an early and surprise heart attack. He's devastated. Today he said, I just want to get back to the range and go cowboy shooting. The members at our club, the Bayou Bounty Hunters, have been impressed and amazed at the BCK. He always says Yes Sir, No Sir, he always "listens" to their guidance and is mature and safe around my loaned firearms while at the range, a testament to his father and my friend. When I announced his father's passing to the club and his desire to get back on the range, don't you know that within hours, there were offers to give him a set of pistols, 200 rds ammo, and a Marlin! I have an SKB SxS that he loves to use along with my holsters, and his dad just bought him a cowboy hat. I called SASS this morning to get him his membership and badge and of course the ladies at SASS said they'd expedite his package and would include some souvenirs. Wow, class act all around. He doesn't know it yet, and I'll wait until after the funeral this weekend, which is for family only, but in two weeks I'll give him a big box with his own set of pistols, ammo, SASS membership packet and badge and a Marlin. It won't replace his father, my friend and neighbor, but maybe it'll soothe the young man. All he's really lacking is a youth shotgun belt for a teenager, since we only have a slide on his pants belt. If anyone has a spare laying around, I'll buy it. Please say a prayer for Beaver Creek Kid. I wanted to post this to highlight the amazing group of supportive people we have in the SASS family! Class acts, all around. Dusty Sometimes
  8. Thanks for posting this, I was searching for instructions last week. Quick question on versions. There seems to be two current versions, 1.2.1 and 1.2.6. I'm an Android user and can only get 1.2.1. Is 1.2.1 for Droid users and 1.2.6 for Apple users? Thanks, Dusty
  9. My first EoT too and just got my confirmation! I'm #12 and can't wait. Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in ABQ. Very excited to see the sights, and to shoot too!
  10. Sincerest prayers for a speedy recovery and return to the shooting line, for a true Cowboy. DS
  11. 6 months ago I wasn't a whiskey drinker but this past summer I toured the Jameson factory and Guiness Brewhouse in Dublin, Ireland while on an assignment. At the end of the tour, they give you a complimentary Jameson drink with ginger ale. I'm hooked and most nights before bed I enjoy my Jameson & ginger ale as I wind down.
  12. I bought me a pretty SKB that's smooth as butter! Mele Kalikimaka!
  13. I love my full buckhorn sight on my rifle. Coupled with a big brass front sight, I have it sighed in so that all I have to do is quickly put the target inside the buckhorn and pull the trigger.
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