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  1. Mailing in my registration first thing Monday after I return home from the North. DS
  2. I'll take it for my duty carry! PM'ing you now for payment address. Dusty Sometimes
  3. In my club I put one together for under $200 with mainly items from Academy. I bought a small tactical back pack and browsing heavily in the camping and wilderness aisles, bought clotting agents, sting and bite items, gauze, bandaids, saline water, tourniquets, etc.
  4. Just got this pair last month from Pietta. Almost to pretty to shoot. Love em.
  5. This afternoon I was re-watching The Cowboys with J.W. and noticed this gun. I froze the scene and took a quick photo. It must be a Colt Dragoon but with a .36 cal cylinder and a .45 cal bore for blanks? Dusty
  6. My new back up Cowboy Action Shooting beauties are in and they're so pretty I'll have to name them. Normally shoot short-stroked Ruger Vaquero's and I wanted a set that I can hand down to my son one day. These are Great Western Alchimista III's, in .357/38 cal with Octagonal barrels, lowered hammers and bigger, 1860 style grips, covered in laser engraving. Got them from Cheaper Than Dirt for $612 each! Because I have to improve everything I get, I gold leafed filled select portions of the engraving, like on the cylinders, to make them "pop"! Cant wait to try them out Saturday!
  7. Anybody shooting GW Alchimista III deluxes, with the octagonal barrels? I'm interested in getting a pair as backups and wondering about their reliability. Dusty
  8. Thanks for posting this, I was searching for instructions last week. Quick question on versions. There seems to be two current versions, 1.2.1 and 1.2.6. I'm an Android user and can only get 1.2.1. Is 1.2.1 for Droid users and 1.2.6 for Apple users? Thanks, Dusty
  9. My first EoT too and just got my confirmation! I'm #12 and can't wait. Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in ABQ. Very excited to see the sights, and to shoot too!
  10. Sincerest prayers for a speedy recovery and return to the shooting line, for a true Cowboy. DS
  11. 6 months ago I wasn't a whiskey drinker but this past summer I toured the Jameson factory and Guiness Brewhouse in Dublin, Ireland while on an assignment. At the end of the tour, they give you a complimentary Jameson drink with ginger ale. I'm hooked and most nights before bed I enjoy my Jameson & ginger ale as I wind down.
  12. I bought me a pretty SKB that's smooth as butter! Mele Kalikimaka!
  13. I love my full buckhorn sight on my rifle. Coupled with a big brass front sight, I have it sighed in so that all I have to do is quickly put the target inside the buckhorn and pull the trigger.
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