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  1. Howdy, El Q,

    That #1 S&W Model 1 is a cute little pistol, but I can't come up with all that you're asking.

    The most that I can scrape together is $300. If you would accept that, I can take it off your hands.

    If not, thanks for the chance.

    How's the weather in Florida?

    In Houston, it's raining from a front that was a blizzard in Colorado, so I shouldn't complain.

    Stay healthy,

    Brazos John

  2. Howdy, Rufus,

    I'll get the ffl info together and head it your way.

    And the pesos, too.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John


    John Agnor

    12118 Gray Oak Place

    The Woodlands, Texas  77380

    1. Rufus Brady
    2. Brazos John

      Brazos John

      Howdy, Rufus,

      I put a postal money order in the mail today.

      My ffl said that he contacted you.

      Is that everything, until you get the m.o.?



    3. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      all cool.  FFL was e-mailed.  Just waiting on MO.

  3. Howdy, Willie,

    I'll buy that Cimarron Lightning.

    Where do you want the money sent?

    I'll have to contact my FFL to make sure he's in town.

    I'll be getting back with you.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John


  4. Howdy, Lefty,

    What do you mean the hammer slot was tig welded?

    I have a LeMat with a hammer that sits to the left in the slot, and it hits the corner of the nipple pockets on the cylinder. The gun is new to me, and I just discovered the problem, so I haven't found a solution yet. Hence, my question to you. Maybe this is what I need.

    Thanks for your time,

    Brazos John

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