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  1. Nobody that I am aware of is taking anything away from Pistol Pete. He will always be recognized as one of the greatest to play the game. What they are doing is acknowledging that Ms. Clark has reached a very specific milestone in her college career. At the end of the day, one can throw out all of the "Yeah, buts" they want and it won't change the two basic facts I mentioned above. Congratulations to her for putting in the effort to make the most of the talent she was given.
  2. I'm thankful you're still in one piece. Take care of yourself!
  3. The last I heard, they reported an EF-1 doing the damage. I live just northeast of there, and our county and the next one over took damage from an EF-2. Fortunately no damage to our place, and no deaths reported, although quite a bit of property damage. One of my veterans works doing restoration for the museum, and lives where the worst of the local damage was. I will reach out and check in on him eventually, but I figure he has more important things to do right now.
  4. Not an earthly "pilot," but in Crossing the Bar, Tennyson wrote "I hope to see my pilot face to face / when I have crost the bar" back in 1889.
  5. I missed this somehow, but the first pic is Dad of the Year material right there. The second pic... Those eyes!
  6. If you're referring to the light colored box on the right side of the fore grip of the soldier's rifle in the foreground, it's an IR laser.
  7. Do you know how hard it is to clean ginger ale from a laptop computer?!??
  8. Darkness Surrounding Don't feel obligated to listen to it. Some guys listened to it during deployment.
  9. Hmmm... I will take your word for it, since they were before my time. I only went to one "date concert" that I can recall as a younger man. It was this guy. How'd the date turn out? Well, we celebrated 33 years of marriage last November, so I'd say, so far, it's going pretty well!
  10. I'll go with Paradise by the Dashboard Light, since it was first and more accurately reflects the rules: Light My Fire:
  11. Whatever you do, don’t lean to the side when you do!
  12. Sure. Oh, and we always learned there was only one thief in the Army. Everyone else was just trying to get their crap back.
  13. You kind of go over some anatomy to become a medic...
  14. Not a meme, and only sort of military related, but it made me think of this. I actually have it posted on my fridge. https://www.gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2009/05/10
  15. When I was the NCOIC of the Medical Section for my Bn. I sent a new guy to commo for squelch grease. The commo sergeant, being a good guy, sent him to the supply sergeant. The supply sergeant after a few moments of "checking" sent the new guy to maintenance. Almost an hour later, I began thinking the new guy was onto our snipe hunt and was somewhere screwing off. I checked with commo, then went to supply. While at supply, they get a call from the maintenance sergeant, an E7, asking for an NSN (National Stock Number) for squelch grease. The "new guy" is now a 1SG and Bronze Star recipient. To my knowledge, the E7 is still clueless.
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