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  1. Talked to PGW today. It is music wire. Kind enough to send me a couple replacements. Size close to K+S 505, 0.078 in, 3/4 in long
  2. Lost the tension rod from PGW lever /lifter action spring assemble. Anyone know type of rod medal, ie music wire, and size??
  3. Thanks for input. Will increase up to 5.5g for now and then will try a heaver bullet, 250g, when my stock runs out. Have a great day
  4. Looking for a cleaner load for Wild Bunch rifle shooting 200 RNFP. Trail Boss 5.7 gave me a PF of 172 and 861 speed. Powder 5.1 powered PF to 152.2 and speed of 647. However it appeared to be dirtier rifle. Anyone have luck with different Trail Boss load for cleaner weapon?
  5. Fun, challenging, fun, stages well laid out, fun, posse 10 ran smoooothe, fun, ice cream social hit the spot, fun, banquet great, fun. Did I remember to say it was fun. Back next year
  6. Shot Widder’s Henry couple days ago. Compared to my Marlin 39 have to now go looking to add to my grandchildren’s collection.
  7. Sent application in 1st month. Copperhead, when will acceptance notifications be sent out and RV slots assigned? Thanks Major Bill
  8. Travel back in shop near door with hat box. Ready to travel on Saturdays
  9. I am running 5.1 with TB on 200g bullet in a ‘73
  10. Left one has darker wood handle than right. Right one misses more than left one even though I shoot both with left hand.
  11. Went with 20/20 both eyes. Now use reading glasses. For shooting had Doc adjust left eye for front sights, took firearms with me, and clear for right eye on shooting glasses, Being left eye dominate use shotgun dot on right eye so both eyes open. Shoot left handed Works great for me
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