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  1. I load 105, 2.7 trail boss for 640 FPS in revolver, a 125, 2.7 trail boss for 740 in rifle, both have light recoil
  2. Reading glasses around 225. Therefore had left eye lens correct set for front sight on rifle/ pistol and right eye normal. Left eye dominant. Both with yellow lenses. Took weapons out back at his office and did it with weapons.
  3. Once by email, answer two days later. Called twice and problem sounded immediately. Great friendly staff
  4. First SE Regional match, Great match, food and company, I’ll be back
  5. Maxpa Max P, need ride Sat night, not towing a car. Will be dry camping near you in slot #1, leaving Wednesday morning. Major Bill
  6. Have not seen check clear yet, verifying that you all received my late application. Thanks

    Major Bill

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      I have reached out to Drake Robey t see if he has received it.

    2. Major Bill

      Major Bill

      Thanks, left email for Drake. Waiting instructions

  7. Randy & Pappa Dave; Was just notified of a passing of a very close friend's wife from my VN unit. Funeral being in NC this Saturday I am forced to cancel my shoot with you all to head up to NC. Sorry for the short notification. Major Bill
  8. Got sloop in my used 100. Fast Eddy did his magic and no sloop with mechanicall trigger. If I can remember to aim it is the best.
  9. Randy, Sorry for not appearing overjoyed when my number was called out for winning the Ruger Vaquero Saturday night but I was not sure if I heard the correct number from the back of the room. Therefore, I came forwarded wanting to first verify the number before  jumping for joy.  

    1. Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      I understand it would be bad to be all excited and then found out it wasn't your number. Thanks for coming to shoot with us, congratulations on winning the Ruger and I hope you come back next year. 



  10. Shotgun shell wrapped with 3m blue masking tape. 3 or 4 wraps left in a week and good. can increase or decrease wraps as needed. Was stretched I leave in taped shells during storage. Works great for leather.
  11. I do not have one. You may have me confused with another.

    I do have an airsoft won as door prize, a G5 folding stock all metal, 6mm plastic BBs

    Major Bill

  12. I am not sure of your question

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