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  1. My 73 likes 38sp to 1.45 to 1.46 OK. Roll crimp is just below bullet grove. Crimping in the grove caused sporatic problems on 125g. Use same setup for 105g for pistols. Had problems with Marlin until I got it widdomatic. Now takes ant OAL length
  2. Great idea. Wish I was near range to participate, local indoor no rapid shooting. tried to slow down my new '73 shooting but they said too fast. but it is lever action and cannot shoot fast. Got the look.
  3. Thoughts and prayers are with you and speed recovery Marauder
  4. Quarantine is when you restrict the movements of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movements of healthy people. This will not go on much longer…
  5. My error, 80,000 was for 2018, 2019 figures not finalized. Point is take precautions but move on.
  6. 80,000 people died of the flu in the USA last year but we did not shut down life as we know it. The data being giving us is known infected and deaths BUT not figures for the majority of the country that does not have a problem. Even the death figures are wrong. Normal deaths from serious medical problems are also being used for the virus death figures. The virus is a problem. In heaven populated areas that have a high infection then take strong action. Agree, but in other areas take precautions but use common sense. Use masked, do not make contact, wash hands and keep distance in groups. Are TO stand close to a shooter, put the timer on the table and shooter starts the timer, TO stay behind but not on top of shooter for safety. I am very cautious being a Cattle Baron and not best health but I can not wait to get back to shooting.
  7. Red River Bullet Company, all sizes and colors coated
  8. Cleaned couple hundred rounds of 45 colt and have 500 rounds loaded. Cleaned 1000 rounds of 38sp and in process of loading them. Cleaned and oiled my Dillion. No more squirrels left in the yard hanging around my bird feeder. Time to reclean the safe weapons. May start to clean up the three work benches, but that sounds like work.
  9. Load 2.7g in both 105 and 125 bullets. Low 640 and 750 factors. Exact numbers at home. Like TB being new at loading. Crimps just below groove to about 1.465 in to be reliable in my 73. Pistol doesn’t care. Sorry, that was for 38sp. 45LC 200 g bullet and 5.7 TB
  10. Fun had by all. Time to load more bullets
  11. Changing location vs transporting is a key. I believe it also states shooter can not sweep one’s held
  12. Have not seen check clear yet, verifying that you all received my late application. Thanks

    Major Bill

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      I have reached out to Drake Robey t see if he has received it.

    2. Major Bill

      Major Bill

      Thanks, left email for Drake. Waiting instructions

  13. Got sloop in my used 100. Fast Eddy did his magic and no sloop with mechanicall trigger. If I can remember to aim it is the best.
  14. Randy, Sorry for not appearing overjoyed when my number was called out for winning the Ruger Vaquero Saturday night but I was not sure if I heard the correct number from the back of the room. Therefore, I came forwarded wanting to first verify the number before  jumping for joy.  

    1. Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903

      I understand it would be bad to be all excited and then found out it wasn't your number. Thanks for coming to shoot with us, congratulations on winning the Ruger and I hope you come back next year. 



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