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  1. I'm in the Ft. Worth area if you want to discuss trades. Might have something of interest. Could you send pics to wmathewsw@verizon.net? My cell # is 469-579-6532

  2. Doc, not to intrude on Reds post, if he doesn't want your hammers, what is your asking price?

  3. Larsen, concerning Bisley hammers, can they be modified to fit in OMV 's. I know it's not SASS legal but I like the Bisley hammer. My guns are SS sheriff's models.

  4. Thanks, Al. I may have found a place on N.E. loop 820.

  5. Al, do you know who sells the winged musket caps in Ft. Worth area? Thanks.

  6. Would like pictures of 50/70 if you still have it. Send to :



  7. Are you in Greenville, Texas? I have a Baikal. What barrel length Super Blackhawk?

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