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  1. I will be in for Wednesday Evening festivities.
  2. I try to remove as much liquid from the cases as possible by straining and then I throw them on a big towel and rub them down to dry them a little more. Then into the walnut media for a 20-30 minute run. I do not de-prime prior to cleaning and the walnut will wick any moisture out of the spent primers/primer pockets. I have never had walnut media lodge in a case as long as it is a straight wall case and you pull the cases out of the walnut immediately after running. If you let it sit overnight without opening the lid of the vibratory cleaner it will want to gum up.
  3. +1 for Red Dot. 38spl 3.1 gr with a 125gr. I also use it in 45Cowboy Special, 45 Colt, 45ACP, and low recoil 12 gauge rounds. So I am able to shoot one powder for everything I do in CAS and WB.
  4. Yusta B is spot on. Walnut wicks all the water out of the primer pockets and dries the cases. Just throw them in the old tumbler for a little bit.
  5. Welcome to the Fire Joeronimo! Hopefully we will see you shooting in and around Chattanooga soon. If you have any questions about the local clubs or SASS in general feel free to reach out via PM. I will try to answer whatever questions you might have.
  6. Yes I am! I will be slinging drinks during the Awards Ceremony.
  7. Max, Are you still stopping by Courtyard Marriott on your way to the range? I like to get my donuts before Kajun slobbers all over them.
  8. I would do it, but lately I've been tired..... I'm Tired Madeline Kahn Blazing Saddles - YouTube
  9. Lucky Dog! They have been telling me for over a year to stand 6 feet away.
  10. Gunner, I can assure you he had a good time. Every time I saw him he had a big "Possum Eating Grin" on his face.
  11. Cant wait to see the new Widder-Borg implants on Saturday. Seriously, it will be great to have you back. Glad you are on the mend!
  12. I am okay with you taking the misses I wonder if we can get the paddle back from Jot?
  13. Sorry Kajun there is not. Warm up Matches and PCC have taken it's place. ;(
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