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  1. What a great match! Thank you T Bone and crew for another fantastic time at the Badlands Bar 3!
  2. The shooters list has expanded yet again to 217 as of Friday. I am sure Buck D. Law will get us updated soon as he unpacks from Comin at Cha.
  3. Scarlett, The range owners like their bonfires ALOT! I am not sure that power pole isn't a casualty..... Whatever you do, do not leave your gun carts unattended if they are wood carts
  4. I just get excited when I am pouring for fellow Frontier Cartridge shooters.....
  5. There can be side effects if to much whoopazz is consumed. Consult your mixologist for correct dosage's.
  6. No hard feelings CBB. Winning ain't for everyone.
  7. Stan is obviously a mixologist! It is a Fistful of Bourbon, three drops of Syrian Panther Sweat and half a can of Whoopazz. Drink these Thursday and Friday night and you are GUARANTEED to land on the podium Saturday night.
  8. I have started using this as a mixer in a new signature drink I will be offering at the bar.
  9. You are cordially invited to join us 10/21/2021-10/23/2021 for the SE Regional "Ambush at Cavern Cove". This year we will be celebrating the 25th Annual for Ambush, and our plans are to blow it out for this historic Silver Anniversary. Attached is a link to our website where you can find applications and information regarding the match. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/ambush-at-cavern-cove This year once your application has been received. You will receive a verification email that will have a link to Practiscore. This link will allow you to verify your category, choose the posse you wish to shoot on, view the current shooters signed up, and even look at the stage design as these become available. We look forward to seeing y'all in the cove in October!
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