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  1. I always resize new brass. All new brass. I also pick 10 or 12 out of the bunch and measure the length after resizing just to be sure they’re in spec. Occasionally I will find some that need a trim. What’s funny is I had some Starline .45 Colt that I bought new a few years ago. 200 rounds. I recently brought them out to hand load. I measured their length. They were too short. I resized them and they all became 1.270”. Trim length on .45 Colt is 1.280” I like to make sure my brass is all the same length that way I don’t get pressure fluctuations with different crimps for different cases. I can worry about crap like that now and address it. I’m retired.
  2. I don’t know how I missed this. Thank you Blackwater. I intend to drop Metformin.
  3. I am impressed that he didn’t drop the bike.
  4. Delivery by diesel powered truck.
  5. I was wondering about that. I know they have an exoskeleton but probably not thick enough to show in an X-ray that would penetrate a skull.
  6. The bottom picture in my last post has to be two images merged into one. I hope, I hope, I hope
  7. If you want to see a self checkout malfunction just let me try to buy something using it. It never fails. I think they have a disdain sensor or something.
  8. I’ll be honest here and say that I really don’t condone theft but when I talk to person after person that hates self checkout and we all say the same thing. We complain to management and they smile and say “It’s for your convenience”. No it isn’t, it’s to save money on not having to hire minimum wage workers. If product loss gets more checkers at the registers that’s just the way it is. The Walmart near me was pushing everyone to use self checkout. They were hiring new people to fill orders via the internet, but leaving people hired to run registers cooling their heels at home. There were so many complaints that they now keep several registers manned all during business hours. I will not order food at a kiosk and I will not use self checkout. Period.
  9. Yes. So what? If it leads to getting rid of self checkout or at least diminish it. Yes. I predicted this years ago. The ultimate goal of self checkout is only one thing. Get rid of employees. Period Don’t be so “Judgy”.
  10. I have never shot a model 41. I wanted to buy one when S&W brought them out again a few years ago. The gun dealers were a little too proud of them. After my experience with their 22S I was a bit leery. Once bitten twice shy.
  11. That’s pretty darn cool! Have you shot it yet?
  12. Good! More Cashiers. I just had a thought. Could this theft be done by the employees fearing the loss of their jobs? Bravo! If that’s the case. I hate self checkout. I don’t get a discount for doing it. Why the hell should I do a store’s job for them. Screw that noise.
  13. Your attachment is a No-Go
  14. Here’s what you get if you use the serial number as written on that document to do a search on the Ruger website: Here’s what you get when you write the serial number correctly: Your Honor, this document is incorrect and I move that it be stricken from this case and that my client go free on his/her own recognizance!
  15. Jees…Why can’t they just say “The USA wants RUGER VAQUERO REVOLVER SN:5783260! Now give it up.” Do court staff and attorneys get paid by the character or the word?
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